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The best recovery treatments for mums

We have the best news for Northern Beaches locals. Australia’s most innovative recovery studio, Recovery Lab is making its way to Brookvale in August! Recovery Lab offers a range of modalities to help mums, weekend warriors, the desk bound and athletes recover and feel their best. As a mum, here are some of the treatments that are the most exciting.


This is a treatment made famous by Tony Robbins as he regularly uses this one and Recovery Lab is the first studio to bring it into Australia. NuCalm is the worlds-first patented neuroscience device that helps to lower stress levels and promote better sleep. I think we can all agree as mums that a lack of sleep, fatigue and stress are normal for us most of the time, however if we can hack it and help our bodies revive, that can only be a good thing. 

NuCalm is a 30 minutes treatment that essentially biohacks the mind. There are three parts to it:

  1. You will have headphones on that softly release two tones into your ears. The two tones then interfere with each other producing a third tone. It is very subtle, but your brain will pick up on it and it will spark curiously and relaxation as it will be hard for your brain to think of anything else while that is happening. 
  2. A bio signal processing disc will be placed onto a key acupressure point on your left wrist which will send signals to your heart. This activates the parasympathetic nervous system
  3. A light blocking mask is also used to help push you into a deeper state of relaxation

Compression boots

NormaTec’s dynamic air compression boots are a game changer for those of us with sore legs or those who are storing fluid in your legs- which often happens when you are pregnant. Imagine massive boots that come to the top of your thighs. They constrict your legs to massage them and enhance circulation. This is an incredibly relaxing treatment that will help both mums and pregnant women increase their comfort.

Infrared sauna

While this one is not new, it is a great one for mums. Infrared saunas are a  ‘dry heat’ sauna that warms the body using infrared rays to promote muscle healing, reduce soreness, and detoxify the body. It is relaxing and it is great for boosting your immune systems and detoxifying the body. We always advise that new mothers speak to their doctors about infrared therapy before undertaking any sauna sessions.

Recovery Lab also has ice baths, EMS therapy and massage guns so there certainly is something for everyone who is looking to relax and recover.