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Some fun ways to celebrate Mother’s Day

Mother?s day is just around the corner… why not take it up a notch this year??We have searched the internet for you and these mums tell us the best ways they celebrated, which may give you ideas!

1. Run a marathon

One mum had the pleasure of running her first 10km marathon with her daughter. She said the bon you form in encouraging each other to the finish line was a great experience!

2. Get a room

Mums don?t always get to relax so book a room with all the works and have the entire day to relax.

3. Tick something off the bucket list

Many mums put their dreams on hold for the sake of their children hoping they can pick up where they left off once their children are all grown up. Tick off an item from the bucket list. Go on an adventure!

4. Do something you aren?t good at

One mum took her mother for a round of paintball and she said that whilst neither of them could aim to save their life, it was the most fun they both had for mother’s day.

It can be any activity such as bowling or paint portraits, but you are sure to have a great time and lots of laugh.

5. Donate to charity

Honor your mum by giving to a charity under her name. It?s not a usual thing to do, but, it?s a great way to pay it forward in appreciation of her. Many mums would say they don?t want to receive gifts ? this would be a great way to celebrate her life and her heart!

6. Say ‘thank you’

Ask any mum and they will say that all they want is for their children to see how hard they work, to be appreciated and to be a part of their children’s lives. A simple sincere ?thank you? or an act of appreciation is more than enough for any mum.

Seeing their children turn out to be good people is the greatest accomplishment a mum can ever hope for. Getting a, ?thank you for raising me right, mum? from their children is even better.


For mother?s day, what you do during the day or what gift you prepare isn?t what matters… what matters is that mums feel appreciated, acknowledged and loved. But remember, this should be all year, not just once a year!

Happy Mother’s Day to you all!