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Shhh… Astrology is my secret parenting superpower!

An Astrology chart maps the complicated energy at your moment of birth.

Keeping up with children’s needs is a constant scramble as they grow and change. Figuring out how to parent each individual can be hard. Do they need cuddles, freedom, discipline or our patience and understanding? 

An Astrological birth chart is a map of the planets at the moment a person is born. Studying and understanding each of my kid’s charts has been my secret parenting superpower that has allowed me to adjust my parenting style to meet their needs more successfully.

While Sun Signs show your child’s basic core traits, it can be diving into Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Rising sign placements that really unlock the truth of who they are and what they need.

For instance your child’s Moon sign shows their inner, emotional world, including how they need to be nurtured. It may be totally contradictory to their Sun sign, providing conflicting behaviour that leaves you confused and frustrated.

Mercury describes their thinking and communication. Venus shows their ability to relate to others. Mars is their temper and competitive nature. Jupiter indicates their adventurousness, while Saturn is their ability to self-regulate (and what style of discipline they’ll respond to). And all of this gets wrapped up in a Rising sign (Ascendent) that overlays everything – and can throw parents off completely! Perhaps their brash, Leo rising child is hiding a sensitive Cancer Moon, resulting in a little showoff who actually needs endless cuddles and reassurance. 

As kids grow, their charts can reveal tendencies towards anxiety and help to pinpoint areas of challenge. Charts can show what style of schooling will suit them best (Aquarius placements love Montessori, while Capricorn needs more traditional structure) and where their interests and talents may lie. 

With teenagers, we can look for vocational assistance and using Forecasting techniques, we can track exact Saturn cycles (around age 14) to understand whether we should intervene or bite our tongue and patiently wait out their rebellion.

Astrology is an ancient craft (it’s been around for 3000 years), but it provides amazing, practical insights that help us negotiate our complicated 21st century world. It can demystify our kids and give clear guidelines for the best way to parent them.

Wendy is a FAA qualified Astrologer at Northern Beaches Astrology