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Review: Pomelo + Online

Northern Beaches mum Jane is a busy working mum with 2 kids. She got to trial some meals from Pomelo + Online and sent us this raving review…

Pomelo + Online are a premium food delivery service. They bring chef-curated, restaurant-quality meals straight to your door. They make things simple so you can enjoy the important things – eating great food with those you love!

All the dishes that we got were large generous portions and were big enough for a family of 2 adults and 2 kids. You can easily enhance any of the meals by ordering sides such as rice and potatoes and a selection of vegetables. 

My favourite was the Lamb Moussaka with its incredible depth of flavour and luxuriously creamy bechamel sauce topping! 

The kids loved the Beef Lasagne. A classic recipe of one of the most loved foods in the world. The ultimate comfort food tasted like the best homemade lasagne within layers of pasta, tomato sauce, bechamel sauce and melted cheese! 

Originally from the UK, we loved the Bread & Butter Pudding, which comes with house made vanilla cream sauce. With its combination of crispy on top and soft, set custard-dipped bread underneath, I don’t know anybody who doesn’t like this!

All the meals are cooked in the Pomelo + Online 5-star kitchen, by their expert team of chefs and then snap-frozen and vacuum-sealed ready for delivery.  

By far the best delivered frozen meals we’ve tried, and well worth the money. With quality food like this being delivered you’ll never want to cook again!


Use the code is NORTHERNBEACHES25 to get $25 off your first order, can only be used once per person, not in conjunction with any other offer.