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Review: Nurofen FeverSmart Temperature Monitor

Chantal, a Northern Beaches Mum recently tried out the Nurofen FeverSmart Temperature Monitor when her 2 year old had a fever… she was so happy with the product that she sent us this review…

Children will get more than their fair share of fevers and based on experience with my little one, sleeping it off is the best thing for them. You always have to check on them and their temperature by tip toeing into their room to try your best to stick a thermometer under their armpit without waking them up.

The new Nurofen for Children FeverSmart is a great way to keep track of your child’s temperature as it will allow you to monitor their temperature using a connected mobile device which makes it very easy!

You simply place the ultra-sensitive patch under their arm and you can check on their temperature regularly without disturbing them. I love how easy it is… all you need is to download the app onto your phone and sync it and you can keep a track of your child’s temperature. The base unit is small and practicable and can be placed on a bedside without taking up much room at all and has a great portability thanks to it being battery operated. Make sure your child is preoccupied when sticking the patch on, as mine wanted to pull it off, but once it was on she forgot about it letting me monitor her. 

This product is amazing as it was peace of mind throughout the night. I can just open my phone and see her temperature. I also loved the colour coding the app – it goes from green to orange to red, with red meaning my child?s temperature reached the high range.

The product also comes with a medicine tracker to make sure you follow the prescription – an added bonus! I would absolutely recommend this product to other mums.