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Review: Bio-First

“I’d highly recommend these products to everyone.” – Nicole, a Northern Beaches Mums

Bio-First is Australian made, Certified Toxic Free® and it has been formulated using the brand’s guiding principle of ‘Science by Nature’. Based on compelling rationales, these formulations are not only powerful and safe, they also provide welcome improvement in quality of life for everyone who uses them.

100% Natural Living Care

I got the opportunity to trial a few of their products:

Liquid Health Syrup & Oral Spray

Your families’ everyday immune support in a bottle, perfect for rapid absorption. Powerful high grade Manuka Honey, Elderberry, Blackcurrant & more.

“This has become part of my daily routine to support my immunity. The taste is great and it is so easy to use. It has helped me feel stronger during these colder months.”

‘Self Heal’ Syrup & Oral Spray

Designed to support your immune system when you’re feeling unwell and need some instant protection. Deliciously potent with Self Heal herb and Concentrated Pomegranate.

“We have used this product a fair bit lately with winter here. As soon as we feel a sniffle we have added the spray to our morning routine. It has definitely helped reduce the sniffles. Love the pomegranate taste too!”

Manuka Skin Saver

Powered by high grade Manuka Honey, Milk Thistle & Aloe Vera. Designed to care for distressed and hyper sensitive skin. Especially skin prone to issues like redness, irritation, itchiness and scaliness.

“My daughter has struggled with skin issues such as eczema all her life, and therefore her skin is very sensitive. I am careful with what I put on it. When her skin flared up I put the Manuka Skin Saver on it and it helped settle the skin. She stopped being irritated by it and after a few applications it cleared up. We have it ready to go, especially during winter. I really love the way it smells, and the fact that it is not sticky, but instead very nourishing on the skin.”

‘Self Heal’ Salve

First Aid saviour for those everyday skin upsets young kids are always getting. Formulated using Self Heal herb, Frankincense and Milk Thistle.

“I’ve used this on my daughter’s skin after falling over a few times – it is amazing at helping grazes and cuts with their natural healing process. Every time we have used the salve, it has only taken a few applications to get the redness and infection under control. I love that it is so soothing and also smells lovely!”

If you are interested in supporting your health and wellbeing with pure natural living care, give Bio-First a try! They have some multi-buy bundles available here. With free shipping and a 100% moneyback guarantee within 60 days, you have nothing to lose!

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