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Reset your mindset for keeping up your Exercise Program

Begin movement you enjoy?

You don?t have to LOVE everything, but you do need to gain some benefits. If Yoga is not your thing, Pilates is too hard, Meditation is just plain boring and you think you have 2 left feet so can?t dance and you are finding it just too hard to begin any program then a positive motivator for many is to put on some music and begin to move to the beats either by spontaneous dance in your living room or put music on your phone attach some headphones and begin walking. It doesn?t take long to feel the sense of joy and freedom moving provides? There must be some challenge as there is no benefit, but enjoyment is the most important to keep you returning and making both your mind and body fitter.

Find ?your tribe? or community of like-minded people

When you start whether it be on your own or at a class it is great to form a community. People you feel are ?your tribe? who you can communicate with walking, dancing or at a class. If you are a new Mum get together with other new Mums. Pre-school or school are great places to meet people with similar lifestyles or other people at your place of work. You don?t have to make friends, but just seeing familiar faces while walking or at classes is encouraging. The more connected you feel to the people, the more likely you?ll stick with it if motivation wanes.

Make a routine

Remember a routine is so important, as on-again off-again doesn?t work.

Jump in. Whether you are committing to one, three or more sessions per week, really commit to the session time, as that will make it easier to motivate yourself to get there. Unless it is something special such as a birthday, engagement, wedding etc try not to cancel. You will begin to feel better within a week and if you stick to it for three months you will not only feel better you will notice positive physical changes too.??.you won?t be sorry!

Remember, there?s no such thing as failure

You are a human afterall and we all slip at times, but once you commit, the ?on and off the treadmill? so to speak, exercising will stop. If you do miss a walk, a class, a session don?t worry go the next day, week, month, or however long it takes. This is not failure, it is a lesson you have learnt

Change your mindset

If you tell yourself you hate exercise, you will hate exercise. If you are using exercise as a way to punish yourself for something you did or ate, then you will not enjoy exercise. If you are only exercising because you want to achieve perhaps a difficult weight-loss goal, you will hate exercise.?Find the fun and joyful side of exercise.

Check all these great reasons to exercise and go with it.?You won?t look back.

  • It improves your mood
  • It helps you sleep better
  • It makes you a nicer person
  • It?s good for your memory
  • It makes you more creative
  • It makes you more productive
  • It can reduce your risk of diseases such as cancer and diabetes
  • It can reduce your risk of mental health issues including depression and anxiety
  • It makes you more confident
  • It?s empowering
  • It slows the aging process
  • It makes you feel fantastic!
  • And research also states exercise can?improveyour?sex life due to the brain producing endorphins that stimulate the release of?serotonin (or Happy hormones). These hormones also reduce your heart rate, improve?digestion and lower cortisol or stress levels and relax the body, which all add up to a happier and healthy life.
  • Did you know that finding a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity a day can lead to a happier and healthier lifestyle?

Share what you are doing with your friends

When you start exercising regularly and approaching fitness with positivity, rather than negativity you will notice you have extra energy and people around you will notice, so tell them what you are doing and Invite your friends to join you and importantly have fun, whatever program you choose

Ready to start? Now is the best time ever.

Article provided by Jill Healy-Quintard, Body and Balance Fitness and Wellness
Phone:?0412 422 868