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Renting Designer Dresses 101: Borrow More, Buy Less & Dress Your Best

Ever been called an outfit repeater? Perhaps you’re a paycheck short of nabbing that playsuit? Or maybe, you’ve just got nothing to wear. Never fear, for Releaseit is here. Who? Glad you asked.

Releaseit is like Facebook Marketplace but for renting things like the latest designer fashion. With companies like Your Secret Closet and GlamCorner, you can access formal dress hire for a fraction of the cost of buying clothes brand new.

And for those of you in the “I’ve got nothing to wear” category, join the circular economy and earn some extra dosh by renting out all the designer dresses you have locked away in your closet. Don’t let your changing styles prevent someone else from getting dressed up.

Discover where to rent designer dresses and how you can earn money with your wardrobe today.

Formal Dress Hire, and How It Works

With the Releaseit Community Marketplace, turning your wardrobe into a goldmine is way easier than zipping up a cocktail dress.

Item Owners, or in this case, Dress Owners, can list their clothing online for Item Seekers (Dress Seekers) to rent. Alternatively, Dress Seekers can hire designer dresses from over 50 Rental Businesses, including Glam Corner and Your Secret Closet.

Dress Owners and Seekers

Alongside thousands of other item owners, the Releaseit Community enables individuals to earn extra cash from their items. With Releaseit as the digital middle man, so to speak, simply request to hire a dress, and then once pick-up and drop-off are arranged, you can enjoy the extra cash.

Rental Businesses

This is where you’ll discover most of our designer dresses for hire. By teaming up with Australian rental businesses, Releaseit offers an alternative way for Australian consumers to access formal dress hire from all the major players.

Where To Rent Designer Dresses?

Your Secret Closet

When you don’t want to drop hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on a new dress, it’s time to check out Your Secret Closet and change the way you present yourself to the world. Just as you would borrow clothes from friends, expand your wardrobe to include the many designer dresses available to hire from Your Secret Closet. No matter what brand you choose, each outfit is treated with love and care, giving you the finest clothes to wear when you’ve got nothing to wear.

Born from a love of fashion and how an outfit alters our image, browse through an extensive range of beautiful dresses from incredible brands like Kianna, Leo & Lin, Lexi and Winona. Oh, and don’t worry about cleaning. Each outfit is professionally dry-cleaned upon return.

Glam Corner

Having shared over 1,000 tonnes of clothing since its inception, Glam Corner has made a name for itself as the purveyor of seamless and guilt-free access to designer fashion. With thousands of styles to choose from, over 200 brands, and hiring periods between 4 and 8 days, Glam Corner gives you the fashion freedom you deserve with formal dress hire at a fraction of the cost of a brand new outfit. And the best part is, they take care of all the cleaning!

Wear more, spend less, and save wardrobe space, when you hire designer dresses through Releaseit with Glam Corner. Enjoy popular designers like Camilla, Kookai, Saba, Witchery, Zimmermann, and so much more.

Reducing Your Fashion Footprint

Releaseit is all about disrupting retail consumerism to reduce your fashion footprint. What does that mean? It means tossing out the old consumerist rules in favour of the circular economy–a world where we buy less and reuse more.

You may not be aware, but fashion can be an incredibly wasteful industry. While many fashion designers and clothing manufacturers have made efforts to improve sustainability and their impact on the environment, fashion still contributes heavily to landfills.

Textiles and Landfill

To give you a bit of perspective, Australia’s first Commonwealth led Industry Clothing Textiles Waste Roundtable, and Exhibition revealed that annually Australians acquire an average of 27 kilograms of new clothing per person and discard around 23 kilograms of clothing to landfill each year. We’re also the world’s second-highest consumer of textiles per person, behind the United States of America.

According to the National Waste Report, in 2018-19 more than 800,000 tonnes of leather, rubber and textiles were discarded, with a recycling rate of just 7 per cent. Clothing represents approximately 93 per cent of all the textile waste we generate in Australia.

And although second-hand clothing shops reduce textile waste, the 3,000 charity and social enterprise retailers, including 10,000 charity collection bins, is not enough to mitigate the impacts of fast fashion.

However, unlike op-shops, Releaseit is a sustainable platform, an online marketplace designed for the sole purpose of enabling individuals to buy less and borrow more. Save money by renting what you don’t need to buy, and earn extra cash with what you already have. Join Australia’s ~$8 billion sharing economy and be a part of the future with Releaseit.