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One on One with Angie Diaz from ‘The One’ at Ensemble Theatre

Ensemble Theatre is thrilled to present the world premiere of THE ONE, directed by esteemed director Darren Yap and written by award-winning playwright Vanessa Bates, in a new eccentric story about being Eurasian and where you fit in society. 

Mel has a lot on her plate, never mind caring for her mother’s prized poodle! In this sizzling hotpot of food, culture and identity, THE ONE colourfully unravels the complexities of what it means to be Eurasian in contemporary Australia.

We spoke to Angie Diaz, who plays the lead character Mel, all about The One.

1. Tell us a bit about your acting career.

I’ve been acting for over 15 years across film, TV and Stage. I originally trained as a contemporary dancer and have worked a lot in physical theatre with Sydney-based company, Legs on The Wall and in Dance Theatre with companies such as Catapult Dance Company, Newcastle.

I’m mostly recognised for playing the pink power ranger in Power Rangers Mystic Force many moons ago.

In Australian TV I have guest starred in numerous productions, from good old All Saints, Home and Away, Underbelly Badness and recently, Heart Break High, Nine Perfect Strangers, The Unlisted and Reckoning. 

2. When you’re not acting, what are you doing?

I’m a mum to a beautiful almost 12 year old girl… light of my life and a 1 year old Cavoodle, Reggie!  I’m also a choreographer and movement Director and I teach First Nations developing artists at NAISDA Dance College. 

3. What is the show ‘The One’ all about? Who should come to see it?

The One is a show about family, identity and finding out who really is The One.

It explores the dichotomy of being Australian and also Asian, being born of two cultures. It really delves into the duality of being ‘Eurasian’ and growing up in Australia in the early 90’s. Ultimately it is a story of two siblings making peace with the difficulties they faced as children.

It is a comedy peppered with moments of truth telling.

To be honest, everyone should see this play! It’s an Australian Story.

4. How similar or different are you to your character, Mel?

Well, I’m Eurasian, so my lived experience of growing up in Australia with an Anglo-Australian Mother and Asian Father is very similar to Mel’s.  I have fond memories of Sunday Roast served with a side of jasmine rice.  I also draw on difficult memories, like seeing my father suffer racism. People weren’t very accepting of a White Australian woman marrying an Asian Man back in the 80’s. and 90’s… I think my parents were brave and rebellious.

Mel and her little brother were ballroom dancers as kids and that funnily enough is also something that I share with my character. It’s been a lot of fun drawing on my past ballroom dancing experience for this show!  

I’m possibly not as anxious as Mel.

5. Describe ‘The One’ in three words.

Nostalgia, Sequins, Fried Rice.

The One is on at Ensemble Theatre from 22nd July to 27th August. For tickets and more information: