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Love in the Time of Corona

Rediscovering Your Passion During the Pandemic

The global health crisis brought about by COVID-19 has changed our lives in so many ways. And after months of being stuck inside, with limited exposure to friends and family, it’s no surprise that many of us are struggling. 

We are struggling with frustration, confusion and anger. We are struggling to find motivation and do something we’re passionate about. We are struggling to look for meaning in our lives. This pandemic may not be the best time to “find yourself,” but the lockdowns do provide ideal conditions to pause, reflect and evaluate our lives – what we want to do, what we want to achieve, what we want to become, and what brings us contentment and happiness.

We should all take advantage of the enforced free time we have to look back at our lives and the choices we’ve made along the way to determine how we want to come out of the new normal. When we truly get to know ourselves and our inner desires, we will discover what gives us joy and how we can incorporate them into our lives. 

I’ve listed down a few tips on how you can rediscover yourself and pursue your passions during these uncertain times:

Make a list.

First, the easy part. Jot down a list of things you’ve always wanted to try your hand at: painting, gardening, photography, learning a musical instrument, or becoming a digital marketer. It doesn’t matter if some of it may seem unlikely and if the list is long – write everything down because you’ll narrow it down later.

Try out your list.

Going out of your comfort zone to experiment and do new things can be a scary proposition. However, you won’t really know until you try in order to learn what you like and don’t like, so just enjoy the experience. Immerse yourself in these newfound interests, and soon, you’ll find one that will develop into a passion. 

Pick out what interests you the most.

When you’re done trying out the different interests on your list, you’ll have an idea which one you intend to pursue. Some quickly realise what they’re most drawn to. But if you’re having problems choosing, here are some questions to ask yourself to see if a particular interest has developed into a passion:

  • Does it make me happy?
  • Do I think about it all day?
  • Do I want to learn more about it?
  • Do I see myself doing it for a long time?

Talk to people who are passionate about what they’re doing.

Start a conversation with people who you see are pursuing their purpose and thriving in the field you’re interested in. It will give you a glimpse of what you need to go through to get where they are now. Moreover, it will give you an idea of what next steps you should take. 

Learn more about it.

When you finally pin down what you are most passionate about, it should motivate you to learn more about it and explore this new world. This is where you start to research more about the subject to expand your knowledge, and hopefully, grow to become a niche expert. 

In conclusion…

Don’t compare your growth with others. This process of discovering yourself isn’t always a smooth ride. Remember that your personal and professional development runs on your own time. As long as you’re taking the right steps to the right path, there’s no need to rush. So just enjoy the process and reflect on yourself throughout the journey to motivate you to carry out your passion. 

When you encounter obstacles during your journey, don’t take it as a sign to quit. Shift your focus, see it as a learning opportunity, and grow from there. Nurturing a positive mindset throughout the process of discovering yourself will give you the energy to keep hitting your purposeful goals. 

Elle Wilson is the Founder and CEO of TrueBrow™, an Australian-owned company empowering thousands of women entrepreneurs to build their own brow businesses. She is also pioneering a revolutionary new way of restoring, transforming and designing a woman’s brow naturally. No gimmicks, no risks, no scarring, no skin staining – just perfect, all natural brows.