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Is a Face Mask For Me?

At The Mask Life, they believe every person deserves the opportunity to protect themselves and others, but also spread the message of raising awareness of proper hygiene standards in our new world.

There at The Mask Life, they believe in challenging the social norms.

They believe people should be able to live their normal lives whilst knowing that it is in your hands to decrease the chances of spreading any germs that may be lurking. They believe people should also take comfort in knowing that others are also taking the same precautions that you are and doing their small part.

They believe that by adhering to personal hygiene protocols, you are taking a stance against infectious spreads and that you truly care for not only yours, but others health.

As a society, it’s in our hands…

The wearing of a face covering is completely up to you. They have developed a list of Q&A’s to help you determine if you should wear one or not.?

Q: Do face coverings protect you from viruses?
A: wearing a face cover does not make you immune from catching a cold or flu, however it does decrease your chances. Should a droplet from another person hit your face covering, then you immediately remove you covering and wash it, then you’ve just prevented that droplet from directly hitting your face.

Q: Do face coverings limit you from spreading your cold/flu symptoms
A: Yes, by wearing a face cover in public, you are decreasing your chances of spreading any cold or flu symptoms you may have. Whilst this does not 100% protect others, it limits the ability for your droplets to be passed to others.

Q: Are face coverings medical grade?
No, all covers from The Mask Life are not considered medical grade and we do not claim them to be. Our coverings are funky and comfortable options to help you decrease the chances of you passing or collecting any form of virus.

Q: How often should i change / wash my mask?
A: We encourage you to change your mask often. If a droplet from another person hits your cover, it will stop it from hitting your face. You should immediately remove your mask if this is the case and replace with a clean one. You should wash your mask using detergent after each use.

Q: Why should i purchase a reusable face cover?
A: Firstly, the general public should not purchase medical grade masks due to their being a short supply. these masks should be reserved for medical professionals. At The mask Life, we believe you should wear a reusable cover to decrease the chances of you and others spreading diseases. We believe should the culture shift move towards regular mask usage, the number of people across the nation who transmit clods and flues will decrease. We also believe by wearing a reusable mask, you are benefiting the environment by not contributing to land fill.

Q: Why should i purchase from The Mask Life.?
A: The Mask Life is an Aussie owned small business with all products designed and developed here in Australia. Our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards with a complete quality control throughout the journey. All of our available products are in stock and ready to be shipped within hours of your purchase.

Q: Where can i purchase a cover from The Mask Life?
Check out their range here.
They offer unique and funky designs to help you stand out. Our plain colours for those who prefer.

Be Brave – Be Bold – Be Kind to one another – Live life The Mask Life way…