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How Your Mattress Can Affect Your Physical and Mental Health

Are you waking up in the morning feeling sore and stiff? Perhaps you?re sneezing and sniffling more than usual? Or maybe you just aren?t feeling as well-rested as you?d like? If so, then you may be surprised to know that your mattress could be causing all?of these problems ? and more.

That?s right. An old, sagging mattress can do more than just cause physical pain, but also a myriad of other health problems too. These range from allergic reactions and snoring through to increased stress, low quality sleep, plus even mould and fungus infections.

The problem is, identifying the cause of these symptoms can be a challenge. Unlike changing a lightbulb, or replacing the batteries in your remote, there aren?t always clear warning signs to tell you something is wrong with your mattress. That?s why it?s a good idea to be aware of the health risks that come with sleeping in a low quality mattress.

To help you better understand the health risks, this article will discuss the most common symptoms, and how they affect your general wellbeing.


Dust mites are one of the leading triggers of allergy and asthma-related symptoms.

These tiny pests, which are invisible to the naked eye, find refuge in bedding so they can feed on skin flakes and dust. Worse still, they can number in the hundreds of thousands ? or even millions ? in a single mattress, without you even knowing it.

Once exposed to dust mites, they can trigger a range of respiratory and dermatological symptoms, such as:

  • Itching
  • Sneezing
  • Watering/red eyes
  • Wheezing
  • Coughing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Eczema
  • Skin rashes

What?s the solution? The first step to protecting yourself from dust mites is to invest in a mattress and pillow protector. These products serve as a protective barrier which prevents dust mites from getting into your bedding. Another key step is to wash your bedding regularly ? at least once a week with hot water.

However, if symptoms still persist, it may be time to replace your mattress. But avoid innerspring mattresses, as the inner cavity of these mattresses are the perfect breeding ground for dust mite faeces and dead skin cells.


Listening to someone snore is unpleasant. But aside from being an inconvenience, habitual snorers can be at risk of major health problems like sleep apnoea, chronic headaches and heart strain.

While there are many factors that cause snoring ? such as your diet, lifestyle and weight ? your sleeping position can also play a significant role. Generally speaking, it?s best to sleep on your side, as you are more likely to keep your mouth shut, and your tongue is less likely to roll back and block the throat ? a common problem for back sleepers.

Of course, if your mattress is old and you find it uncomfortable to sleep on your side, then your body is naturally going to roll onto its back during the night. Thus, leaving you more vulnerable to snoring.

To avoid this problem, invest in a mattress that?s ideal for side sleepers, such as memory foam or latex. They?re firm enough to provide ample support while you sleep, while the enhanced cushioning lets you ?sag? into a comfortable position, and keep it that way the whole night.

Aches, Pain, and Mental Stress

It?s no secret that a poor mattress causes aches and pain. But different types of mattressescan lead to different types of pain.

For instance, an overly firm mattress can cause joint pain. What happens is, when your body places extended pressure onto the mattress, but the mattress is too firm, then the excess pressure has nowhere else to go but other parts of the body ? such as your shoulders, knees, hips and back. On the other hand, if the mattress is too soft, then your body will ?sink? into the bed and cause bad posture, leading to similar pain.

Pain alone is bad enough. But that?s not all. Over time, consistently poor sleep can affect your mental health in a number of ways. Studies have shown that poor sleep can increase the risk of depression and anxiety, reduce concentration, and raise your stress levels.[i]

Therefore, it?s incredibly important to assess the quality of your current mattress and determine if it?s time for a replacement. After all, you spend nearly one third of your life aspect. So don?t you deserve a peaceful night?s sleep, every night?


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