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How to set yourself up for a seamless and motivated transition into 2023

Set yourself uo for a Seamless and Motivated transition | Northern Beaches Mums

Is 2023 is the year that you want to strive for that promotion at work, live a healthier life or simply nail your work-life balance? Whilst you may set out with the best of intentions, a few months into the New Year it’s not surprising to find that sometimes your motivation has already deserted the building.

“Motivation is something we all want to have but can’t seem to switch it on when we need it,” according to organisational expert Steph Pase from Steph Pase Planners. The thing with motivation is that you don’t want to solely rely on it to stick to habits, healthy routines and to reach your goals. 

“Humans aren’t made to feel motivated all the time. It’s just part of human nature to lose that spark sometimes, but practising proper self-care, writing down your goals and implementing the steps to achieve that goal is what is going to help keep you going!”

Here are Steph’s top tips to help keep you inspired and move you closer to your goals.

Create an effective morning routine

It sounds simple but finding a morning routine that truly works for you, your lifestyle and your goals is so important. Your morning routine sets the tone for the entire day. Think about it; you wake up running late, you miss your breakfast, you have no time to get your thoughts or intentions for the day together, and chances are you are going to be highly strung, less productive, less patient and not feeling inspired for the whole day. 

Now imagine waking up when you are meant to, spending 10 minutes to just sit and think about how you want to show up for the day, listen to some uplifting music or podcast, make your bed, write your to-do list and take your time to get ready. It will make a world of difference! This is something I’m working on now; nailing my morning routine. Not waking up to a toddler nagging me for a banana before I’ve even opened my eyes, (this was not working for me at all). Now I’ve been waking up an hour earlier than the kids and I’m so much happier, more productive and more patient as a mum! 

Write down and visualise your goals

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

A simple as it sounds to write down your goals it is vital to actually achieving them! If you’re sitting there thinking “I don’t really have any goals”, it can be something as simple as “I want to lead a healthier life”. From there you need to write down HOW you are going to reach these goals and intentions. 

For example, if your goal is leading a healthier life then you need to write down daily habits that will get you closer to this goal. Such as; moving for 30 minutes a day, drinking 2L of water, trying new healthy recipes … it can be that simple. 

You need these goals in front of you either written or visually on a vision board! Look at these every morning to remind you of what you’re working towards/for.

Try something new

Trying something new whether it be a new routine or reading a new book can really help ignite that motivation inside you. As Tony Robbin said, “If you do what you’ve done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten”.  Pushing outside your comfort zone, routine and limiting beliefs will get you further than you could imagine. 

Heck, even starting my blog, Just Another Mummy blog, over 3 years ago terrified me – I had so many limiting beliefs (and still do, that I work on). But if I didn’t just take a deep breath and go for it then it wouldn’t have grown into the person I am today.

You’ll be surprised what you can accomplish if you just try something new and push outside those boundaries. Whether it’s a new mum’s group, new exercise class, new wake up time…anything! Try it and see how many opportunities and experiences come from it. 

Practise proper self care

Before you skip past this point, I’m not talking face masks or pedicures. I’m talking about PROPER SELF CARE. How are you meant to feel motivated if your cup isn’t full or even half full?! Think about those days where you are depleted of energy – it’s going to be A LOT harder to try and feel motivated isn’t it?

So, to make sure you’re at your full potential this means practising self-care, and by this, I mean accepting help when its offered, saying no to things that don’t serve you, outsourcing when you can and getting enough rest and “you-time”. As a mother I know this can be one of the hardest things to do but utilise your kids nap time, go to bed earlier and have that time to yourself by waking up a bit earlier to just be. It could be as simple as spending 20 minutes each day to stretch, read or just be alone to recharge.

Hold yourself accountable

Only you can hold yourself accountable for completing daily tasks that get you closer to your goals. One way I like to hold myself accountable is using a habit tracker! I use the tracker in my Steph Pase Planner and To-Do List

Another great way to make sure you are moving closer to your goals is giving yourself incentives or rewards. For example; a reward for you going on a walk 4 times a week for a month, (which gets you closer to living a healthier lifestyle), could be a new gym top or treating yourself to a massage, which is also a reward that is in line with your goal of living a healthier lifestyle.

About Steph Pase

Steph Pase is the organisational expert and powerhouse mum of two behind Just Another Mummy Blog who first stepped on the social scene by empowering the households of many to re-organise their homes, launching the popular and viral term of #stephing. It wasn’t long before her platform grew, and with 249K @justanothermummyblog Instagram followers, she now has a loyal Australian following. From there, her successful business Steph Pase Planners was born. You can purchase Steph Pase organisational tools and planners at