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How to have nice furniture and kids – yes they can co-exist!

This may sound impossible, but having nice furniture and kids can certainly co-exist, however, it may require some thoughtful planning and strategies to keep your furniture in good condition, while also accommodating the needs of your child.

Here are some tips.

The Sofa

If you prefer a lighter-coloured sofa, you will probably be bringing more stress onto yourself than you need to. However, there are some ways to make it work. For starters, choose a sofa that has removable and washable covers, that way you can spot clean or wash when needed. Adding cozy blankets over the sofa in the areas where your kids sit will also keep it protected and stylish at the same time.

Alternately, look for child-friendly materials like leather or faux leather, such as leather air—a high-quality polyester fabric designed to mimic real leather’s appearance and characteristics. There are some stunning faux leather options out there. One of our best sellers falls into this category, the Laura Sofa, because of its rustic look and durability. 

The Table

Sharp edges can be a hazard when you have young kids, so I would suggest opting for a round table if you can. That way the edges are smooth and you have less chance of injuries. Additionally, we recommend choosing a tabletop that is not going to dent or scratch easily, we recommend a hardwood that’s been well finished, such as our Milan Dining Table or Flinders Dining Table to ensure accidental surface scratches are less visible.


Encouraging the kids to play outdoors is a great way to keep your indoor furniture safe. Opt for outdoor furniture that is made from durable materials that are easy to clean such as powder-coated aluminium and olefin fabrics. Olefin is highly resistant to moisture, chemicals, and stains, making it ideal for outdoor furniture and kids! For convenient cleaning, opt for cushions with zippered covers for easy removal.

Teach children how to treat the furniture (and their property in general) with respect

While there are so many things that we need to teach our kids, teaching them not to jump on sofas, to use coasters when they put their drinks down on the table and to handle furniture gently is good etiquette both in their own homes and when they are guests in someone else’s.

Regular maintenance

Maintaining your furniture and soft furnishings is a good way to keep them in good nick. Keep your furniture clean, steam clean rugs once every year or so, and keep your furniture dusted and fresh. If you take care of it, it will last much longer. Check the care instructions for the items you have purchased.

Here are some tips on how your nice furniture and your kids coexist.

Article by Casey McPhail, Director at McPhalis Furniture