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Helping You Beat the No Holiday Blues

Despite our isolation restrictions loosening in the past weeks, Australia still has a ‘do not travel’ ban in place. And travel between states/regions remains restricted.  

Many people may find their state of mind slipping without the prospect of getting away to look forward to. 

So in response, I?m helping people to travel to their dream destination. Without even having to leave the house!

Amid the despair and grief of this pandemic, it might seem silly to focus on holidays. But they play such a huge part in our mental health and wellbeing. From the excitement of choosing a destination and accommodation. Researching everything from sights to restaurants. To the actual holiday itself, followed by all the memories created. Holidays really do matter.

It?s all about ?life experiences?, relaxation, and most importantly, escapism from everyday life. (and who isn?t after a little escapism these days!)

The coping process of escapism is common to many people in difficult times. By still dreaming about our next holiday, we are actively engaging in escapism behaviour. Escape is key in our mental self-care, and it can be good to seek a happy escape. Especially when things feel like they are just a bit more than we can cope with.

Right now, many of our usual forms of regular escape, such as going to the gym, bars, and restaurants are currently not available to us. Increasing our desire to plan ahead for getaways once lockdown is lifted.

I?ve created 5 free downloads to help people to visualise their way to an amazing holiday destination. And in doing so, take back a little of the relaxation and release they would have enjoyed had they actually been on a holiday.

At a time when we can?t guarantee a lengthier trip, something as simple as taking a ?virtual holiday? can offer a brief moment of escapism. This gives us an outlet for the stress we are facing, and the energy to re-engage with life in our #newnormal.

My free downloads are a form of self-hypnosis. Simply find a quiet and comfortable spot to sit, close your eyes, listen to my words, visualise the holiday destination, and relax.

I?ve chosen 5 types of holiday for the recordings.

  • beach resort;
  • mountains and nature;
  • ski/snowboard trip;
  • road trip;
  • family theme-park.

These destinations reflect predictions made by the travel industry about what types of trips people are looking forward to once we can start traveling again.

Kat Stewart-Robinson of MTA Travel, an Australian mobile travel agency, believes there will be a number of key things holiday makers will look for once the travel industry opens up again for business. She said: ?Clearly interstate travel will open up first, then potentially Australia and New Zealand may have a reciprocal travel agreement, long before it?s possible to travel internationally again.

We?re expecting people will be looking for new and exciting travel options closer to home, winter getaways, warmer climates, unique experiences within their state. We expect road trips to be popular, along with multi-generational getaways where families who have not been isolated together can spend time together again.

In the meantime?. She added: ?It?s essential people have something to look forward to once we emerge on the other side of this pandemic, and a holiday away from their usual base will be a tonic.?

While we are unable to physically travel, a virtual holiday can help us to stay positive.

Try my downloads for yourself and let me know what you think.

For more information about travel options contact Kat Stewart-Robinson at MTA travel or email.

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