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Getting back to Work

So, you are considering getting back into the workforce after an extended break. For many women this is quite a difficult time as they struggle to identify the skills and experience employers require after a career pause.

Let’s start the conversation by identifying all the transferable skills you have acquired during your break. If you have been on family leave you know that your lifestyle has changed radically and you have developed many new resources to fit your family role.

Let’s think about these new skills:

  • Multitasking
  • Organising
  • Managing people
  • Negotiation
  • Collaboration
  • Listening
  • Persuading

I am sure that there might be others, depending on your personal circumstances.

You can also reflect on any competencies you might have gained through volunteering – at the school, serving on committees, managing a sports team etc.

Many of these skills would be valued in the job market and it’s up to you to decide which skills would add to your resume going forward.

You also need an awareness of how things might have changed both in the workforce and in your personal life. Things to consider around changes in market expectations may include:

  • Greater flexibility around full/part time work
  • The ability to access working from home
  • Introduction of new technologies and ways of doing work 
  • Managing your family responsibilities.

Some of your considerations might include whether you have a dedicated area where you can work in your home, where privacy is managed.

In addition, you will need to identify any gaps in your knowledge base and research how you can address this, either through short courses, coaching or volunteering to gain the competencies required.

When you have completed these exercises, you are ready to start work on writing a powerful resume.

Article by Joan Flatt, Career and Leadership Coach at Amazing Coaching & Learning Solutions