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Five reasons you should buy this budget-friendly superfood

With the rising cost of living, finding budget-friendly ways to stay well and healthy might seem challenging. However, there are simple foods like oranges that can do wonders for your health. Packed with goodness, they are an affordable and delicious way to get the nutrients you need to stay well and feel great. 

Just one orange provides your daily dose of vitamin C, which supports good immunity and much more. We’ve rounded up five reasons why you should buy this budget-friendly superfood.

Strength the immune system 

Only one orange a day provides you with nearly twice your daily vitamin C needs. Essential for good immunity, vitamin C helps to protect against infection, and it has also been shown to reduce the frequency, duration and severity of common colds. 

Contribute to cardiovascular health  

Eating oranges may help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases when part of a healthy diet and may help lower LDL cholesterol and blood pressure.  Of all fruit and vegetables, citrus fruits provides among greatest protection against stroke due to their unique combination of soluble and insoluble fibre. A serve of citrus fruit a day has been shown to reduce the risk of stroke by 19% and juice is even higher at 25%

Promote gut health

Oranges provide a unique balance of dietary fibres. They contain insoluble fibres which help to keep your digestive system moving and soluble fibres to support the growth of good gut bacteria. Studies show that drinking 100% orange juice can start to show improvements related to your gut health in just seven days.

Enhance your skin 

Great for your skin, oranges contain vitamin C, folate, and flavonoids which help to give you glowing complexion. Vitamin C is a superhero nutrient for the skin – it supports collagen production and works as an antioxidant to protect your skin from the sun and pollution. So, if you want a healthy skin, oranges are a tasty way to give it some extra love!

Boost brain health

Of all plant foods, citrus fruit are most strongly linked with improving brain function. Research shows that drinking orange juice can help keep you alert, responsive and thinking clearly. And it’s not just a short-term fix. Eating oranges or drinking 100% orange juice regularly can keep your brain healthy as you get older and reduce age related cognitive decline.

An affordable and powerful superfood, oranges can be eaten as peeled fruit, zest, juice or even incorporated in cooking. They can be used in drinks, main meals, or snacks, and in sweet and savoury dishes, making them a versatile staple!

Information from the Oranges Wellness and Nutrition Report, by Nutrition Research Australia, which examines more than 50 research articles representing 20 years of research on oranges.