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Five easy ways busy mums can still take care of their skin in under 10 minutes

Whether you are a stay-at-home mum or a working mum, there is never enough spare time in your day, meaning, you’re probably juggling multiple responsibilities at once and have no time for an in-depth beauty routine. To help you to save time off your morning routine but be able to look and feel your best, Dove Skin Expert Kirti Sharma shares five ways for you to take care of your skin in under 10 minutes.

1. Shower smart

Who has time for showering and moisturising during the crazy morning school-rush? If you simply do not have the time in the mornings to give your skin a little TLC I’d recommend saving time by eliminating the amount of products you use and try a body wash that can provide deep nourishment and hydration. Dove’s Triple Moisturising Body Wash has 1/4 moisturising cream in its formula and 24-hr nourishment technology to maintain the skin’s moisture barrier and provide deep nourishment. What’s more, Dove has launched a 1.5L refill Body Wash Pouch that offers 50% more product and 70% less plastic. Not only good for your shower routine but for the environment too.

2. Drink and eat water

Keeping your skin healthy is essential and the best way to do that is to hydrate it from the inside out! If you struggle to drink 2 litres of water throughout the day, you can increase your hydration levels by adding foods rich in water to your diet. Food includes cucumbers, oranges, strawberries, and grapefruits which are full of juice that will replenish your skin cells. And as a bonus, citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C which is a very powerful antioxidant for your skin.

3. Have multi-use products on hand

Multi-use products are great for busy mums, they not only save you time every day but can save you a few extra dollars as well. For your face, you can do a one-step sun protection and hydration ritual by using a moisturiser with SPF. Being consistent with moisturiser and SPF is the most important habit when it comes to preventing fine lines and wrinkles. It’s good to remember that your skincare routine doesn’t stop at your face and neck. One area that usually tends to be neglected is the underarm, but it’s just important as the rest of your body. Dove’s Advanced Care Antiperspirant Deodorant Aerosol is created with 1/4 moisturising cream, to care for your underarm skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

4. 3-minute face massage

When it comes to your face, you don’t need long massages to see results in your skin. By giving yourself a 3-minute massage, you will stimulate blood circulation that can give incredible results. To do it, you can simply use your point and middle fingers, pressing gently on the skin and moving from the centre of your face towards your hairline. Trust me, you will see a difference!

5. Be organised

Keeping your products organised and in place will ensure easy access, especially when you’re in a rush. If you want to make it even easier, arrange your products in order, just so you don’t forget what to use next. Finally, consistency is key, keep on top of your skin routine to maximise your results.

Kirti Sharma:

I’ve been working in Research & Development in Australia since 2007,my interest in science grew as I entered my later years of high school and began to be exposed to more in-depth scientific study. I did my Bachelor’s and Master’s in Chemistry with Honours in 2004.

As a Consumer Technical Insights Lead at Unilever, my job is primarily to provide technical insights around claims, trends, and the science behind Unilever’s products, providing the scientific evidence for the claims that are featured on them. Another large part of my job is communicating to our customers the technology behind products, such as explaining how specific haircare formulations work.

Here’s the link to the Body wash in case you want to include it. And here’s the link to the deodorant