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Finding your pain-free self

Developing a pain-free physical self is a step by step process from one-on-one support to sustainable independent wellbeing.

The rehabilitation journey from any pain, surgery or injury is a personal one. It takes time, attention, expertise and guidance. It cannot be done alone. The process is a daunting one but with the right support you can leave with the strength and control over your physical health you have longed for.

Here are the expected steps to optimise your physical health. You may progress through several stages quickly and some may take a little longer.

Your doctor may have helped you recognise the issue. Or you may have recognised the pain and problem needs attention.

Your doctor may have referred you to see a Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist (or you may use your intuition and skipped this step!).

You start working closely with your physiotherapist to resolve your pain fast and to critically assess your symptoms and movements for an accurate diagnosis.

When the pain has settled, you can restore good movement patterns.

You can then build a program for resilience. Bolstering strength is the primary objective.

You will need to refine your program to achieve your goals and sustainably integrate it into your routine. You need to schedule a review to ensure you remain on track to achieve your best self long into the future.

The holiday season is a great time to review yourself and give some time to correct your longstanding physical challenges.

Tom is one of the most highly qualified and experienced Sports and Exercise Physiotherapists on the Northern Beaches. He completed his undergraduate Physiotherapy degree at Sydney University in 2010 before going on to complete a post-graduate Masters of Sports Physiotherapy at University of Queensland in 2014. He established Balgowlah Physio in 2017. He has been involved with a wide range of organisations & continues to support local, state & national teams including National Rugby League, Cricket NSW, Seaforth FC and Queenscliff Netball Club.