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Summer Seasonal Yoga Intensive | FIRE Element

Join senior yoga teacher Yolande Hyde for a powerful Summer/Fire Element Yoga Intensive taught live at Narrabeen SLSC on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Yoga asana | Pranayama | Guided Meditation

Summer is a powerful time when the Yang principle reaches its peak. Movement, light, transformation, warmth, excitement, and responsiveness.

Nature, having grown beyond its own urge for existence (Wood) now lifts its face to the sun to explore the complexities and the joys of a life lived among others. Learning to affirm our right to individuality and sovereignty, while accepting that others have the exact same privileges makes good work for the Soul.

Like the radiant light of a campfire, we seek connection and welcome as we temper our Souls through interaction with others.

The communal experience of Fire is the crucible for its deep transformational potential. Our Soul growth, dependant on the sandpaper of human relationships, is linked to Fire for its evolutionary experience.

Over the 5 days of the Summer Seasonal Yoga Intensive, you will use an exploration of arm, chest, and shoulder strength, core work, and backbends to synchronize yourselves with the upward movement and unfolded nature of Summer. Turning your own faces to the sun and allowing it to penetrate where you have been cloistered, limited, and unsure.

You are invited to unwrap and reveal the fruit of the last few years with me over these 5 days.

Opening to the powerful 2023 energies deliberately transformed, open and fearless

All welcome

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Jan 25 2023


6:00 am - 7:30 am



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