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Ocean Rockpool Tour Charity Swim

The Ocean Rockpool Tour stands as a Charity Swim Event situated in New South Wales, gracing the picturesque Northern Beaches of Sydney.

This event serves as both a celebration of the captivating Ocean Rockpools and a platform for raising funds and awareness for mental health charities.

Accommodating swimmers of all proficiency levels, the Ocean Rockpool Tour offers participants the opportunity to tailor their challenges according to their preferences. The event encompasses guided tours and a free course, with detailed information available on the official website.

For Course 1 – My Way, a free event catering to beginners, intermediates, and professionals, participants engage in a charity swim fundraiser. Swimmers have the liberty to set their swim distance based on individual abilities and personal goals. The event encourages exploration of Northern Beaches Ocean Rockpools, allowing participants to swim in their favorite pools at their own pace. Registration entails specifying personal challenges, and the event offers flexible timings aligned with skill levels and the public opening times of the pools. Each participant receives a personal fundraiser page where they can nominate their chosen charity. Recognitions are granted for outstanding achievements, and participants gain insights into Ocean Rockpools through a complimentary information pack covering event details, safety tips, and rockpool specifics. Additionally, participants can purchase event merchandise, and there are no associated fees for this free event.

For those interested in the My Group Tour option, the event welcomes groups on either Saturday or Sunday. Interested parties can convey their preferences by messaging the organizers or including relevant details during the registration process.

To secure a spot, interested individuals are encouraged to book now and ensure they don’t miss out on this unique and meaningful experience.


Jan 13 - 14 2024


6:00 am - 9:00 pm



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