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Ensemble Theatre presents World Premiere of Melanie Tait’s #Metoo Comedy, ‘A Broadcast Coup’

Ensemble Theatre is thrilled to stage the long-awaited world premiere of writer and broadcaster, Melanie Tait’s thought-provoking, sharp comedy, A BROADCAST COUP, on stage till 4th March.

A major highlight of the 2023 Sydney Festival, A BROADCAST COUP incisively delves into the abuse of power and lack of accountability from controversial public figures.

We spoke with the wonderful Ben Gerrard, who is starring in this hilarious show.

  • Tell us a bit about your acting career.

I’ve been an actor for 15 years – doing theatre tv and film. I was recently Patrick Bateman in American Psycho the Musical at the Opera House.

  • When you’re not acting, what are you doing?

I’m also a researcher and I’m in my final year training to become a psychologist 

  • What is the show ‘A Broadcast Coup’ all about? Who should come to see it?

The play is set in a radio station and explores the nuances of problematic behaviour and when it tips into bullying and harassment 

  • Could you tells us a bit about your character? How similar or different are you to them?

My character is a bit of a downtrodden middle management – by the book type – he represents a male ally to the women in the play which I’m really enjoying playing

  • Describe ‘A Broadcast Coup’ in three words.

Funny. Thought-provoking. Important. 

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