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Diastasis Recti (Abdominal Separation)

The “mummy belly” – the “pooch” that many women experience post-birth is often caused by diastasis, or abdominal separation, but many go undiagnosed and without physio for years post baby!

Diastasis can cause or contribute to lower back pain, constipation, and urine leaking. It can even make it harder to breathe and to move normally. It’s rare, but some cases a hernia can develop (where the connective tissue tears and your organs poke through). There is an example of what Diastasis can look like in a Post Natal Belly here but it’s important to note that it looks different on every belly, and very different in a pregnant belly.

You can view more examples here:

Diastasis affects overweight men, babies, and most commonly pregnant and post natal women. The separation should shrink after giving birth, but in some studies of women with diastasis recti, the muscle wasn?t back to normal even a year later. This is where education, screening, and physio is super important for post natal women, and is a glaring gap in the healthcare offered to women in Australia right now. There is not currently a standard approach to treating diastasis, but a combination of physio and exercise works for our clients at IntoYou. It is important that you choose a pelvic physio that performs internal assessments, and you can find your closest one here:

If you have chronic hip, lower back, or breathing problems, it could be attributed to diastasis, and it is suggested to see a physio. It?s never too late to start rehabilitating it and it is also worth mentioning that the stronger you are, the more likely you are to develop pelvic dysfunctions yourself. This is a video that we made yesterday, showing how a simple breathing skill can stop diastasis:

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