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Contemporary Cantonese restaurant JINJA launches Yum Cha by Hatted Chef Sebastian Tan

Contemporary Cantonese restaurant JINJA is bringing Yum Cha to north-west Sydney. Launched on 1st March, the new menu will be the first Yum Cha offering from esteemed Head Chef, Sebastian Tan and marks 7-months since the Macquarie Park venue opened its doors within The Governor Hotel. Prior to launching JINJA last year, Tan was at Crown Sydney where he led hatted venues, Silks and Teahouse.

JINJA’s Yum Cha menu fuses traditional Cantonese brunch and dim sum favourites with a Sydney-style twist, including bottomless Keemun black tea. Available weekly for lunch, Wednesday to Sunday, the new menu offers over 30 dishes. Feast on the likes of fluffy, steamed BBQ pork buns; delicately translucent pork and chive dumplings and Har gao; crispy skinned Cantonese roast duck; comforting, chicken and mushroom congee; and sweet and sticky, honey glazed char siu pork. For the more adventurous, try specialities such as steamed chicken feet with fermented bean curd sauce. Chinese pastries and sweets feature on the dessert menu including steamed custard buns, golden lotus paste rolls and a coconut mango pudding. A concise chef’s choice set menu will also be available for $70 per person and features a steamed dim sum platter, BBQ platter, selection of wok dishes and a dessert designed to share for groups of 4 or more.

Vital to the Yum Cha experience is of course tea (Yum Cha literally means ‘drink tea’ in Cantonese). Bottomless Keemun black tea is a must-order at JINJA for an additional $5 per person. With an aroma of ‘China spring rain’, Keemun is one of China’s most famous and favoured black teas with characteristic stone fruit and slightly smoky tasting notes. JINJA offers a unique and extensive tea selection, with a ceremonial tea tasting dispensary taking centre stage in the dining room. The diverse menu includes 17 traditional Chinese teas including a premium selection of white tea, green tea, red (black) tea, oolong tea and pu’erh tea leaves. The latter being a unique type of fermented tea from the Yunnan Province in southwestern China, where tea is split into two main varietals, the greener, ‘raw’ and dark, earthier ‘ripe’.

From the bar enjoy Australia’s largest selection of baijiu (meaning clear liquor in Mandarin) and classically driven cocktails with an oriental twist inspired by The Eight Immortals, a group of legendary xian (“immortals”) in Chinese mythology. The 100+ wine list has an international spin, as well as established Australian classic Bins, rare and speciality wines, high-end champagnes, and chilled reds, all showcased in the dedicated wine display that covers an entire wall.

Tradition meets modern at JINJA, with the venue design led by prominent architectural firm Archebiosis. Inspired by historical Shanghai, colonial Hong Kong and modern Beijing, the interiors are elegant, timeless, and luxurious., JINJA is open plan with generous booth seating, opulent red velvet banquettes, high bar tables and low lounges. With secret rooms hidden behind sliding walls and private wine rooms there are plenty of places to retreat within this large bustling restaurant, which has capacity for 218 patrons split across the main dining room, bar and 5 private dining rooms.

The new menu embraces Cantonese tradition and Sydney’s love affair with Yum Cha, offering a delicious menu worth crossing the bridge for. Reminiscent of the bars, eateries and hustle and bustle of China Towns around the globe, guests at JINJA will feel as if they are sipping drinks and eating dumplings anywhere in the world at this truly unique venue.

“A fantastic experience! The staff, the food, the drinks, the service – everything was incredible! The Yum Cha lunch menu was devine! I would 100% recommend to all my friends!

JINJA Opening Hours:
Lunch: Wed-Sun 12pm – 2:30pm
Dinner: Wed-Sat 5pm – 10pm
Yum Cha Served 12pm – 2:30pm, Wednesday – Sunday

Address: Level 1 / 9 Waterloo Road, Macquarie Park