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Complexion Products Explained

With such a large choice of products on the market that all promise to perfect our skin, even skin tone and cover flaws, this guide will help you decide which product is right for you.

Tinted Moisturiser

A skincare product that has moisturising qualities, with added pigment that tints the skin and offers a soft skin-like coverage.  It?s often used as a light alternative to foundation to cover, conceal and even out skin tone. Used to hydrate the skin primarily, this option is great for those who don?t like the feel of heavier foundations.  Best applied using fingers and massaged into the skin so that the skincare benefits can be activated. 

BB Cream

Beauty Balms (BB creams) are an all-in-one multitasker offering sheer to medium coverage, skincare and SPF.  This combination of skincare and makeup is often stronger in coverage than tinted moisturisers (but less than most foundations) as there is more pigment. Some contain pigment can even adjust to your skin tone automatically, but shade range can be limited.  Can be applied using fingers, brush or beauty sponge. 

CC Cream

CC?s (Cover/Conceal and Correct) are similar to BB creams, but have extra ingredients to cover discolouration or blemishes and address skin tone concerns – for example redness. There are also specific CC that contain anti-aging ingredients such as vitamin E and anti-oxidants.  A great option for light coverage with added colouring correcting properties.  Like BB creams, can be applied using fingers or with a brush or sponge. 


Foundation offers a fuller coverage, and works to improve skin tone while also slightly camouflaging blemishes.  Can be either liquid, cream or powder and great for those with imperfections that may need a stronger coverage (that isn?t too sheer). 

It?s more opaque than BB/CC creams and offers a larger shade selection.  Foundations come in either sheer, medium or full coverage and have either a matte, satin or luminous finish.    Mineral foundations – great for sensitive skin – are composed of compressed minerals, can come in either liquid and powder and often contain titanium dioxide, an excellent SPF.  Many brands offer up to 40 shades, and come in cool, warm or neutral tones. Depending on the product texture, it is best applied using a brush and pressed into the skin using a damp beauty sponge to blend and perfect. 


Concealer is a thicker, concentrated pigment designed to cover specific issues such as dark circles, age spots, and other blemishes on the skin.  Like foundation, they can be either cream, liquid or powder. Choose a radiant concealer for under the eyes and matte concealer (in the same shade as BB/Foundation) to cover any other imperfections using a ring finger to softly tap and blend. 

Susan Napper is a North Shore based mobile Makeup Artist/Beauty Concierge and mum of two girls.  Susan has helped hundreds of North Shore women update their makeup kit and rediscover their own beauty style. With many years’ experience in beauty, she has the know-how to make you feel confident by finding and using beauty products with minimal effort. Susan offers One-on-One beauty concierge consultations and makeup services for events, with access to a team of other talented hairstylists and beauty professionals.  For more information and to book a session contact her on 0414 879 678.

Instagram: @susannappermua