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Change Happens from the Inside Out

So many of us think, ‘I’ll be happy when I get a girlfriend/boyfriend, new house/car/job’. But change happens from the inside-out

To put it clearly, we are simply energy in a body. That’s why when our bodies die, the body is still there, there’s just no longer any energy in it.

The good, if not marvellous, news about this fact is that we can achieve any state we want. and this will generate a new reality for us, simply by changing our inner energetic state.

The way I explain it is to think of a sculptor – you may look at the mess before him in dismay. Yet, in his mind, he sees the masterpiece. Then, day by day, he chips away, until that masterpiece has become a physical reality.

A rich person was already rich before they made their money. A deeply fulfilled couple were already fulfilled before they met. A loving parent was filled with love before their child was born.

The body/mind works in the same way. And just to add an important note here, our body and mind are one; they are not separate, they are completely and entirely interconnected. Every day I witness people release emotional trauma and instantly their body tension simply disintegrates. What we hold onto emotionally (or in the mind) often collects in our body, in the form of ‘tension’. It’s for this reason that a state of un-ease unfortunately often leads to dis-ease.

When I meet people with anxiety, phobia, unwanted urges or trauma, they almost always ‘hold; their state of un-ease physically in their body, often in many ways.

  • Watch the words you use. I call it Brain Babble. How do you speak to yourself? Do you criticise, berate or doubt yourself constantly? If you do, this is seriously destructive, like running a constant sabotage or negative propaganda program in your head.
  • Breathing is vital. Refer to this article to Breathe Your Way to Calm.
  • Be careful who you hang out with. Choose people who value and appreciate you, those who have similar value systems, and those who focus on the good stuff. Refer back to this article: We are the Sum of the 5 Closest People to Us.
  • Balance. Ensure you make time to hang out with those you love and do the things that bring you joy. Life needs to be pleasurable, or else we risk burnout, and this can often manifest in our body or mind health.
  • Diet, exercise, water and sleep. Check out this article about The Effects of Sleep Deprivation. Sleep deprivation can cause all kinds of symptoms, from weight gain to extreme anxiety, depression, lack of focus and even dire thinking. Because we are 70% water, we need to be mindful of maintaining flow within our body, and this means drinking 2 litres of water a day. Even half an hour of aerobic exercise a day is enough to keep our blood flowing and our endorphins active. These are basic, they’re common sense, but they are also essential. Just as choosing healthy thoughts keeps your mind healthy, healthy food keeps your body healthy.
  • Trust your instincts and listen to your feelings. If something, or someone, doesn’t feel right, listen!
  • You may need to see someone who understands how the conscious and unconscious mind work together to generate new neurological pathways and permanent change. Many processes cannot be done on your own, particularly if the underlying issues are deeply entrenched in your unconscious mind. Someone who understands these processes and the method of communication required to recalibrate your mind at the unconscious level, without even consciously knowing how it happens, can help you achieve phenomenal life changing permanent results in just a few sessions (often between 3 and 5 sessions).

What matters is you can create the life you want, starting with changing your inner state. No one can change you but you. And you are the only one that can change you.

Summary Tips 

The 7 B’s to Growing Wonderful New Beginnings, from Inside Out:

  1. Babble: only choose thoughts that feel good.
  2. Breathe yourself to calm.
  3. Buddy’s: beware of who you choose to hang out with.
  4. Balance: ensure you’re doing what you love and spending time doing loving things with those you love.
  5. Basics: healthy diet, enough exercise, water and sleep.
  6. Be: trust your inner being – listen to your instincts and your feelings.
  7. Back-up: if you need support, or help clearing your past, get it.


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Lyn Megan Macpherson (M.A., M.Ed., Dip.Clin.Hyp., Dip.NLP) is a Double Masters qualified, award winning, Government Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, Social Ecologist, Transformative Psychotherapist and author.

Lyn has researched and practiced revolutionary ways to overcome fears, anxieties, and all forms of destructive patterns of thinking and behaviour in order to generate long-term, natural and transformative change. She specialises in empowering young people with anxiety to calmly take control of their lives to confidently create their ultimate future. Lyn lives on the Northern Beaches with her husband and two teenage daughters. Please visit the HARMONY SOLUTIONS AND HYPNOTHERAPY WEBSITE HERE