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Buyers Agents – How They Work for You

Many people have heard of a buyers agent, but not many people understand exactly what they do and how they can help. Alsaker Private Buyers Agents gives us some reasons you need a buyers agent.

  1. Research, source, negotiate

Buyers agents do all the work that you don’t like doing. They do all the research, sourcing and negotiation on your behalf, ensuring you get everything you want while removing pushy salesmen from the equation. For example when you want to test drive a luxury car, like a Porsche, your buyers agent arranges everything for you.

  1. Confidentiality

If you’re looking to make a purchase which needs to be kept confidential, then purchasing through a buyers agent is the best avenue. A buyers agent will ensure all aspects of the acquisition is confidential, whether it be due to having a high profile and wanting to remain anonymous, or simply due to not wanting other people knowing about your business.

  1. Market knowledge

Buyers agents are buying luxury assets every day, such as cars, boats, watches and houses. This volume of business across all areas allows the best pricing for the client, as the buyers agent knows the market, and what the pricing should be for that luxury asset.

  1. Industry relationships

It?s not what you know, it’s who you know, and the best buyers agents know everyone, and have networks in every industry. These relationships give them the insider knowledge, unrestricted access and pricing unmatched anywhere else. Whether its sourcing watches in Geneva, cars around Australia or wine from private cellars, buyers agents have their network everywhere.

  1. Client service

Purchasing high end property, or luxury vehicles can be stressful and time-consuming. A buyers agent will remove the stress, manage the entire process and make the acquisition enjoyable. For example, they can arrange viewings of off-market properties in times which suit you, or have a vehicle delivered to your convenient location for an overnight test drive, whether it be at your home or office.

  1. Success driven

A buyers agent won’t stop until the price is right, the client is happy, and a purchase is made. The buyers agent fees are based on success for the clients, so they will only win when you win.

Alsaker Private Buyers Agents is a luxury buyers agent based in Sydney offering services around Australia. It has been in the luxury space for decades, with personal experience in automotive, real estate, concierge, travel, luxury brands, watches and fine wine. The next time you or your clients are considering making a luxury asset acquisition give them a call to discuss how Alsaker can assist.
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