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Bronnie and COVID

Insight on Bronnie Roberts, registered nurse, owner of Facestudio by Bronnie cosmetic clinic and being a mum of a blended family.

This is the story of how I’ve been adapting my small business, family and my own sense of self during a pandemic.

I?m a Registered Nurse currently working from home during the Covid 19 restrictions. I don?t work at the hospitals, I run a skincare business. To me it?s more than just a business though and to all the people I look after it?s a place of care and help with appearance concerns. I like to call it appearance medicine! Even though I?m no longer a hospital nurse, everything in my life is about care and nurturing. The day I closed my doors at my clinic, Facestudio was a dark day. I closed voluntarily as I couldn?t justify continuing non essential cosmetic treatments whilst my fellow nurses working in hospitals were getting prepared for the peak of the pandemic approaching.

We are all learning to change and accept new ways of living. Like everyone else we?ve had to make adjustments to our homelife. We are a blended family with Children aged 20 down to 11. I?m grateful that I’m at home to help them and try to keep them on track which is a full time job in itself. There have been so many bonuses in this strange time for us also. Everyone is doing things that I remember doing when I was a kid… crochet, knitting, puzzles, board games. Going to the gym is out so we are bike riding through bush tracks with our youngest child. Food for the day is a big focus as is wine time.

My challenge has been trying to build and grow my online skincare store to keep the business running during a pandemic. Learning new things has never come at a better time, although I?ve needed some help! I never felt I had the time to build and promote my online store. Now it’s up and running with my beautiful nourishing skincare line, Skinscript.

The passion and drive to have my own skincare range was born from seeing so many cosmetic patients with skin complaints. They needed help. Sometimes it was ageing, other times it was discolouration, acne, pigmentation or poor skin function. I could see that there was a way to improve their skin condition and enhance skin quality though getting them to use products that could penetrate and communicate to skin cells. Most products we buy have very little active ingredients and are often not bound with what we call a carrier to bring the whole molecule down through the skin barrier to be absorbed by the cells. Cells are willing to change and improve their behaviour when they are ?fed? the right ingredient. We all know about Vitamin A, now available in sophisticated formulas that don?t irritate and make skin flaky. They can even be used safely on irritated skin. (Skinscript Vitamin A range insert Link.

So now, it?s my job to continue nurturing my family and my business, and try to help my patients manage their skin concerns at home. For me, I am still treating my skin and have more time at night now to focus on actually applying my serums instead of falling into bed exhausted. I?m also developing at home treatments that can be performed by my patients until I get to see them again.

There?s so many exciting ingredients in the Skinscript range, I?m determined to assist anyone with a skin concern. I see what an effect it is having on my patients who come back for their check up or treatment. What we can do with Acne can change the way a young person holds themselves, their confidence changes as their skin repairs and improves. That’s my passion, helping people feel better.

Even in this appearance obsessed world we live in there is room for rejuvenation and improvements for worries and concerns that don?t have to be extreme. It fulfills me greatly when I?ve fixed or improved a concern for my patients and helped them feel better within themselves. Ageing is hard as is having skin problems. I?m privileged to be able to provide solutions.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Phone: 0409 830 382