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A breastfeeding consultant can help simplify your breastfeeding journey

New mothers can very well know how painful the breastfeeding journey might become. Many of them face challenges while asking for help. This is where breastfeeding consultants with breastfeeding consultant certification steps into the show. These are the professionals who address your concerns and make your breastfeeding journey easy. Let’s take a look at how breastfeeding consultants can help simplify your breastfeeding journey and motherhood. 

The role of a lactation consultant

It is advisable to breastfeed your baby exclusively for the first six months after the baby is born and then continue breastfeeding until the little one is at least a year old. The professional lactation consultant online helps new mothers to overcome their breastfeeding challenges. Lactation consultants help if you are having a poor supply of milk, trouble latching, sore nipples, feeling pain in breasts, and engorgement, to name a few. The baby and parent are in the learning stage when the mother starts breastfeeding. A breastfeeding consultant provides emotional support to mothers who are facing issues in their breastfeeding journey. 

What is the best time to consult the breastfeeding consultant?

The times when you visit the breastfeeding consultants vary as per the needs of the individual. And meeting them makes your breastfeeding journey smooth. 

Before the delivery – Mothers who want to see a rise in their confidence levels and gain knowledge about feeding can take prenatal breastfeeding classes. It will help you learn the way to breastfeed, the signs that tell the baby is hungry, how to ensure if the baby is getting enough milk, how to steer clear of breastfeeding problems, and when to seek help. 

When you face problems – When you leave the hospital, you can seek the help of a professional consultant to ensure that you are breastfeeding your baby in the right way. The breastfeeding consultant will advise you whether you need to make any adjustments to your breastfeeding or not. The problems that were not there when you were in the hospital may arise when you step out of it or start breastfeeding. Calling breastfeeding consultants in these scenarios addresses and resolves the issues promptly. It will eventually be better for you and your baby. 

What can you expect from a consultation? 

You will be asked questions about your baby’s health, pregnancy, and delivery in the first meeting with the breastfeeding consultant. The consultant will ask you about the baby’s initial weight after birth, family health history, bowel movements of the baby, how many diapers your baby has every day, or anything specific that you might be facing. He will observe the appearance and behavior of the infant, examine your breasts, can tell you to breastfeed so that they can examine the position, and give you some protocols to follow or any additional help you require to simplify your breastfeeding journey. 

To sum it up

A breastfeeding consultant’s support can kick your breastfeeding journey, and you will feed your baby better than ever before. So, get ready to give the best possible breastfeeding outcome to your baby. 

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