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7 best beaches in the world to visit in 2023

Beaches are the perfect place to ease your nerves. So, if you’re planning for your vacation in 2023, we highly recommend visiting a beach. The rhythm of waves, the soothing blue of the sky, and the warmth of the sand, it’s perfect to wash off the worries of work and the hustle and bustle of life.

In this post, we’ve listed the top seven beaches in the world that you must visit in 2023. Remember, stats predict that by 2050 beaches might lose their glory. Things will soon start going downhill. So, before they do, make sure you and your loved one enjoy and appreciate nature like you ought to. 

Nungwi Beach, Tanzania

The Nungwi beach in Tanzania is one of the rare Zanzibari beaches where there’s a stability of tides. It is unaffected by the contrast of high and low tides like its neighboring beaches This is why it makes a perfect spot to enjoy water sports like snorkeling and swimming. 

What’s more, it’s in the equatorial region, which means it’s warm for most of the year, and sunsets are simply breathtaking! You can enjoy a warm sunset after a fun-filled day with your loved ones. And when the sun goes down, embrace Tanzania’s vibrant nightlife! There are a lot of bars and other attractions on this beach to explore. 

Clearwater Beach, USA 

Clearwater beach houses some of the finest resorts in Florida. Book yourself a luxury resort and enjoy the calm, clear waters of the beach. The sand at this beach is fine-grained and sugar white, while the water is as clear as anything. You’ll have a truly refreshing and wholesome experience at this beach. 

The temperatures stay on the warmer side throughout the year. During summers, you can expect the water to be around 80-82 degrees, while in winters the temperature only drops to 70 degrees. You can see the dolphins here, cycle around, watch the sunset, or enjoy the fine restaurants on the coast. 

Niyama Private Island Beach, The Maldives

Niyama Private Island beach is one of the most luxurious beaches on this list. When you reach Dhaalu Attol in the Maldives where this beach is located, very warm and friendly staff will greet you. 

They’ll help you to your booked resort. Once settled in, you can go explore the length of the beach or engage in water-based activities, including snorkeling, dolphin-cruise, yacht cruising, fishing, etc. There are restaurants, bars, and other places to socialize with other people on the island. 

Hellshire Beach, Jamaica

Hellshire Beach in Jamaica is one the best beaches in Jamaica. It is best known for its fried fish and safe swimming areas. 

The name of the swimming area often comes as a surprise to many and arouses curiosity. It was originally known as Healthshire because of the health benefits it offered. However, soon slaves started escaping to this place where they were captured by maroons. And this is why the beach became known as Hellshire. 

There are two types of entries here; paid and free. The paid entry reserves the area of the beach where you can find great restaurants, hotels, activities, and overall, a premium recreational experience. As for the free entry, this is where you can find stalls of fried fish and walk around the coastline. You will still have access to the waters. 

Turtle Beach, Jamaica

Jamaica is home to a handful of mesmerizing beaches. Turtle beach is yet another such beach. It is also known as Ocho Rios Bay Beach. Although this beach does not offer a luxury experience, it is home to rich waters and golden sand, which brings a movie-like experience. The palm trees surrounding the beach and the activities guarantee a fun-filled experience. You can browse the ocean village shopping center when you wish to take a break from the waters. Or perhaps, visit the Dunn Falls nearby. 

You can also jump into an array of well-guided water sports. From parasailing, kayaking, and deep-sea fishing to snorkeling, you can enjoy anything and everything. The best part is it’s super affordable! 

Seven Mile Beach, Negril Area

Seven Mile Beach belongs to Jamaica as well. But this one is located in the Negril Area. It is most popularly known for its powdery white sand and sky-blue waters. If you book a Sandal’s resort in the Negril area, you can avail yourself of unlimited free cocktails and water sports opportunities. And when you’re tired of water sports, just watch the sunset with your loved ones! 

A lot of people wonder about the security offered at seven miles beach, so let us assure you. We’ve included it in this list of the seven best beaches in the world to visit in 2023 because it’s absolutely soothing and absolutely safe! Be it on the beach or in the waters. 

Al Sufouh Beach, Dubai

Al-Sufuoh beach is the perfect spot to unwind in Dubai. There are secluded spots and food facilities to relax in privacy, soak in the sun, and enjoy treats. The shallowness of the beach makes it safe for swimming, particularly for kids. You might not be able to enjoy water sports at this beach as good as other beaches. But you can play other sports like volleyball and football. 

Final thoughts…

There are a hundred different beaches all over the world, and we truly encourage you to explore them if you have visited these seven. But if you haven’t started exploring yet, these seven are the best to start with!