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6 Hair Care Tips To Achieve Luscious, Beachy Waves

Everyone dreams of those flawless beachy waves that look like they’ve just walked off the sandy shores of Malibu. But how does one achieve this iconic hairstyle without spending hours under the sun or taking a dip in the sea? Don’t worry. The secrets to getting those luscious, tousled waves are simpler than you might imagine.

Before you read any new hair review site and other helpful resources, here are some tips you can try for best results:

  1. Select The Right Products

Achieving stunning beachy waves starts with a solid foundation–the right hair products tailored to your hair type. Unsure of what to select? Here are some recommendations:

  • Sea Salt Spray: It’s a must-have that mimics the genuine beachy texture, but opt for sprays with a gentle hold and without drying alcohols to maintain soft, luminous hair.
  • Texturising Mousse: Ideal for enhancing natural waves, it provides the hair with hold while maintaining that much-desired movement and bounce.
  • Lightweight Hair Oil: A secret weapon in combating any potential dryness from styling products, ensuring the waves glisten under the sunlit sky.

Regardless of your preferences and budget, it’s always worth investing in quality products with healthy ingredients that best serve your hair’s needs. High-quality products often provide better results and are generally more beneficial for hair health in the long run.

  1. Master The Washing Technique

A key step towards achieving those sought-after waves is mastering the washing technique. Utilising a hydrating shampoo and conditioner is vital to keep your locks moisturised and ready for styling. 

After washing, be mindful of your drying technique. Gently blot the hair with a towel instead of rubbing it, as the latter can promote frizz and damage the hair cuticle. Maintaining natural texture and integrity in the hair is crucial to achieving desired styling outcomes.

  1. Consider The Best Drying Approach

When it comes to drying the hair, consider air drying as the first choice. This method protects the hair from potential heat damage and allows the natural waves to form without unnecessary interference. 

Use a diffuser attachment if you’re short on time and need a hairdryer. This aids in evenly distributing the heat and maintaining the hair’s natural wave pattern without introducing frizz.

  1. Choosing The Right Styling Tools

The key to creating the perfect wave often lies in the hair styling tools you pick. Among the available options, choose a curling wand or iron matching your desired wave size. While a smaller barrel creates tighter, more defined waves, a larger barrel offers looser, more subtle waves. 

It would also help to opt for tools with adjustable heat settings. Various hair types and textures respond to heat differently, so controlling the temperature ensures minimal damage while achieving optimal results. 

In terms of materials for styling tools, ceramic and tourmaline are often recommended. They heat evenly, reducing hot spots that can potentially damage hair. Additionally, they produce negative ions, which help smooth hair and reduce frizz, adding shine and ensuring that your beachy waves have a glossy finish.

  1. Daily Maintenance For Lasting Waves

Preserve the form and vivacity of your beachy waves with consistent, mindful daily maintenance. Embracing a few essential daily rituals can remarkably extend the longevity and lustre of your locks:

  • Use A Refresher Spray: A spritz of curl refresher or sea salt spray, particularly in the mornings or between washes, can rejuvenate your waves. This technique reinvigorates the existing product in the hair, maintaining the wave without extra styling.
  • Protective Styling At Night: Consider loosely braiding or twisting your hair before hitting the hay to maintain the wave pattern while you snooze. This method also helps safeguard your locks against the potential tangles and breakage that could ensue during a night of restless sleep.
  • Avoiding Unnecessary Heat Styling: Permitting your waves to air-dry and evading superfluous use of hot tools preserves the hair’s natural integrity. When you do choose to utilise them, always apply a heat protectant to shield your tresses from potential damage.
  • Incorporate A Leave-In Conditioner: A lightweight leave-in conditioner can be a boon, providing continuous moisture and keeping frizz at bay. This additional protection layer ensures the waves remain hydrated and defined throughout the day.

Maintaining those sultry, beachy waves with a sprinkle of daily attentiveness ensures they remain as enchanting as the ocean’s gentle caress against the shore.

  1. Prioritising Overall Hair Health

Prioritising hair health is key to consistently captivating beachy waves. Regular hair masks, heat protectant sprays, and perhaps even a nourishing hair oil are vital to keep those locks well-moisturised and vibrant. 

You can also maintain healthy hair by mindful dietary choices. Including foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and protein, such as salmon, nuts, and seeds, can remarkably enhance hair vitality, contributing to the health and aesthetics of your waves.


Achieving luscious, beachy waves doesn’t require a beach trip or hours of styling. With proper care, products, and techniques, anyone can rock this timeless look. By embracing and enhancing natural texture and prioritising hair health, those dreamy waves become an everyday reality. So, go ahead and flaunt those waves with confidence!