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5 Things You Can Do Every Day for Mental Clarity

5 Things You Can Do for Mental Clarity | Northern Beaches Mums

There are countless things we can do to help our mental health, so we’ve narrowed down five things you can start practicing to help mental clarity.

Challenge yourself

Challenging yourself when working out is great for mental clarity and staying optimistic everyday. Next time you’re doing a workout, push yourself that bit harder each time, whether it’s jogging up a hill instead of walking or doing an extra few push ups, whatever it is, it’s important to set goals and challenge yourself, if you want to improve or lose weight. You could even challenge yourself by trying something new, such as boxing. 12RND Fitness, offers boxing and strength workouts, with coach support so they’re perfect for beginners, and those with little to no boxing experience. Their training methods have been designed to maximise results, delivering a functional and highly varied strength program, progressing through sports-specific training cycles that are guaranteed to get you in fighting shape


Meditation can be one of the most effective practices you can do for mental clarity. If you’re someone who hasn’t tried meditation or you find it challenging, a great platform we like using is,  Soul Alive, Australia’s first live streamed meditation service that aims to help introduce meditation in a convenient and relatable manner. The service currently offers live guided classes throughout the week. The structure is designed to make it easier for people to stick-with meditation all from the comfort of your own home.


A good morning routine can set you up for a great day, so it’s important to have a routine you are excited to wake up to every day. You’ll find a healthy morning routine will improve your mood, energy levels, productivity and in short, set you up for a great day. A few things to consider when creating a morning routine that suits you is; move your body, see nature, practice gratefulness and most importantly, don’t look at your phone!

To do list

Planning out our day ahead and physically writing a to do list, is a great way to feel motivated for the day ahead and improve mental clarity. The act of physically writing down the things you need to do, or want to accomplish that day, then ticking them off will make you feel like you’re achieving your goals for that day. It will also help you feel less stressed and keep your mind sharp on the tasks that need to be done.


As the saying goes, you are what you eat. If you think about it, what you put in your body will determine how you feel. Fueling your body with the right foods and nutrients such as, fruit, health fats, protein, grains and plenty of greens, will leave no room for binging, and eating the wrong food. The variety of food groups included in your diet is essential to support you with your body composition goals. Nutritional adequacy also ensures that you feel ‘fighting fit’ and have great energy, and is essential for maintaining our health long-term. Try not to swap snacks and meals around as this may lead to an inadequacy for that particular day.

12RND Fitness is co-founded by 4x world champion boxer Danny Green, and Australian entrepreneur and exercise scientist Tim West, and they have over 90 clubs and over 14,000 members globally.