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5 essential tips for creating a Hamptons vibe in your living space

The casual, beach vibes of Hamptons-style living are timeless and always popular, and for good reason. 

The foundation of the style comes from the famous township of “The Hamptons”, which is based on Long Island in New York. It is known for the rich and famous people who spend time there, but also for the blend of cool, classic and sophistication, paired with rustic and casual beach vibes, when it comes to the homes. 

The look is fresh, and vibrant, and is a great approach to take when it comes to styling your home, as you will likely always feel as though you are on holiday. It is also fairly timeless. 

Here are some tips for styling your home while embracing the Hamptons style. 

Use light colours

The Hamptons style, being a coastal style, is often based around white. While there are many shades of white, white is easy to pair with anything. It also lightens the space, can make rooms appear bigger and cleaner and can feel more peaceful, which is exactly what you want in your living space. 

Start with a white base when it comes to the walls and key pieces of furniture. Ideally also have light floorboards, either in white or light wood. 

Accents of colour

The next aspect of pulling off the Hamptons look is to add accents of colour. Light blue or light green is very popular, and this can be added with pillows, throws, art or even a soft-coloured couch. 

Low key patterns 

A hint of soft florals, or geometric patterns is a good way to add some subtle drama to the look. Geometric vases, soft floral pillows in the light colour accent that you have chosen and interesting art are all great ways to add that extra dimension to your look. 

Opt for a few items vintage items that have a “distressed” rustic look

Whether you opt to give old furniture a clean-up, or you purchase furniture that has been made with the rustic look in mind, adding some “distressed”, rustic pieces into your Hamptons style space is a great way to blend classic elegance, with a rustic “century apart” look. This is key for adding an extra dimension to a Hamptons look.

Whether you opt for an interesting bookcase, distressed but classic-looking drawers or a table, the rustic look complements the Hamptons look well. When thinking of the pieces to choose, a sanded back table that is textured is a great option, as are pieces of furniture that have that additional “old world” edge to them. Here are some examples. 

Hamptons Style Bed

Hamptons Bookshelf

Hamptons Side Table 

Oversized couch

Finally, the Hamptons look would not be complete without an outsized couch. An oversized white, or light-coloured couch in the living space is the heart of the look. Make sure it is fabric, comfortable, and the bigger the better.

Article by Taylor McPhail, Co-Director of McPhails Furniture 

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