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5 Best Essential Oils For Soothing The Mind

It’s common knowledge that stress, anxiety and the like can take a toll on your overall wellness. Some days, you may find it easier to manage what you’re experiencing, but there’ll also be times when it can be overwhelming, particularly when you have so much on your plate. Hence, you always need to soothe your mind. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of natural and holistic approaches you can try to help relieve you. Among these approaches is using essential oils that may help ease anxiety and boost relaxation. Using natural oils as a form of therapy can help create a calming atmosphere that can significantly aid in promoting some degree of peace to soothe the mind. 

Mind-soothing essential oils to try 

If you’re new to the different types of essential oils, you may find it confusing to know which one to use for the purpose you want. To help you out, below is a list of the five best essential oils that could help alleviate stress and anxiety.

  1. Lavender essential oil 

Lavender is one of the most potent essential oils best used in aromatherapy. Known for its ability to reduce anxiety and aid with sleep concerns, lavender works by affecting the limbic system which is found in the region of the brain governing emotional and behavioral responses. (1)

With its sedative, calming and relaxing effect, lavender oil could significantly help relieve nervous tension, irritability and stress, making it an effective essential oil for promoting good sleep. Today, you can find lavender oil as a powerhouse ingredient in a variety of products, such as massage oils and bath salts. You can also use it topically or through a diffuser. It’s important to keep in mind that the purity and quality of oils will vary. We recommend trying AWO’s lavender essential oil for a high quality and 100% pure essential oil product.

  1. Neroli essential oil 

Also known as orange blossom essential oil, neroli essential oil is extracted from the flowers of bitter orange trees, which are citrus trees native to Southeast Asia. Neroli essential oil has a citrusy, sweet and floral scent, ideal for aromatherapy. A study in 2014 also revealed that neroli oil’s calming and soothing effect has significantly helped women reduce anxiety during labour. (2)

Neroli oil is believed to have the ability to help various conditions, including anxiety, depression, menopausal symptoms, seizures and high blood pressure. Inhalation of this oil may help promote serotonin release in the brain while also reducing cortisone levels. You can also apply it directly to the skin or mix it with other essential oil varieties such as bergamot, frankincense, lavender, chamomile and ylang-ylang to create a more calming blend. (2)

  1. Chamomile essential oil 

Chamomile is popularly used in different products, including tea, sugar cubes, soap, body lotions, massage oils and bath oils because of its sedative effects. Aside from its relaxation and anxiety-relieving properties, it could also help with other ailments, including sleep problems, digestive upset, pain and wounds. (1)

To help soothe your mind before sleeping, try diffusing a few drops of chamomile essential oil throughout your bedroom. Doing so will help calm the jitters you’re feeling. Chamomile oil can also promote feelings of stillness and security. 

  1. Bergamot essential oil 

Bergamot essential oil is another option you can try to soothe the mind. Thanks to its main active ingredients, including linalyl acetate, linalool and limonene, bergamot can significantly help regulate stress hormone levels, promote relaxation and reduce stress. (3)

Inhaling bergamot can also help improve circulation, boost energy and trigger feelings of happiness. To breathe in bergamot essential oil, you can try rubbing a few drops into your hands and then cup your nose and mouth.  

  1. Frankincense essential oil 

Also known as olibanum, frankincense essential oil features an earthy scent usually used during meditation for its balancing and grounding properties that are essential in evoking mindfulness. Its most active ingredient is called Boswellic acids which is believed to be helpful in reducing depression symptoms and lowering oxidative stress levels. (3)

When used topically, frankincense essential oil may be effective in managing stress and easing inflammation caused by arthritis. Combining frankincense with other relaxing oils such as rose and lavender could help fight stress and calm you down. (4)

Final words 

It’s natural to experience stress every now and then. In such cases, you can try the abovementioned essential oils when you want a natural remedy to help soothe your mind. 

However, it’s also crucial that you watch out for chronic anxiety symptoms that interfere with your daily activities. Be sure to see your healthcare provider or a mental health professional as soon as possible. Doing so can help evaluate your symptoms and provide you with the coping strategies and tools that you need, along with the use of soothing essential oils.

Reese Carlton is a mental health advocate and motivational speaker who writes blogs promoting mental health awareness. During her free time, Reese spends time in the gym, goes to the beach, and hikes with her dogs.


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