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13 best strategies to protect your children from pet allergens at home

Most pet lovers often consider their pets as one of their family members. But the problem arises when another family member becomes allergic to your pet’s dander. In most cases, it’s your children (the one that is most attached to the pets), which develop allergic reactions to pets. 

If you are one of those pet parents who is facing the same situation, here are the 13 best ways to protect your children against pet allergens or dander at home. 

1 – Keep your pet clean

One of the easy ways to avoid pet allergens from bothering your children is by giving frequent baths to your pets. Consider bathing your pets weekly. This will help reduce the amount of dander your pet sheds. 

But, at the same time, it’s also necessary to not overdo it. As frequent bathing may dry your pet’s skin. leading to maximum shedding of dander.

2 – Try developing the habit of frequent hand washing

To avoid the spread of allergens, try developing the habit of frequent hand washing in your kids. Washing one’s hand with soap every time they touch or play with the pets, would help prevent the spread of allergens. 

3 – Talk to a medical professional

It’s always useful to take advice from health experts. They can answer your question: what is the effect of allergens on the immune system? As there are multiple types of anti-allergy medicines, only a doctor can prescribe you the right medicine for your condition. 

4 – Consider upgrading your vacuum cleaner

If you are still using the old vacuum cleaner that comes without a HEPA filter, consider replacing it as soon as possible. It will help improve the indoor environmental quality. Switch on to the cleaner with the above feature to trap the airborne particles as tiny as 0.3 microns.

5 – Try avoiding wall-to-wall carpets

When you are making your best efforts to fight allergens, it’s always advisory to remove the wall-to-wall carpets in your house. As carpets hold pet dander and other allergens into it. It’s best to keep your floor bare and clean it often. 

6 – Keep your pet away from your child’s bedroom

Though it might seem quite tough, with little effort you can train your pet to stay out of your child’s bedroom. If necessary, keep the door of the room closed when not in use. 

7 – Get an air purifier from home

Installing an air purifier in your house can help reduce pet allergens from the air to a great extent. Besides, you may also add a good filter to the home’s central heater or air conditioner as an indoor air quality solution.

8 – Keep your pets off the beds

Although it might seem quite a tough job to keep your pets off the bed, with the right training you can certainly achieve it. Keeping your pets off the beds, carpets or other furniture can reduce their exposure to dander. Try training your pets to remain on the floors or their bed. 

9 – Minimise contact with your pet

Loving or cuddling one’s pets is something that pet parents love to do. But it shouldn’t be the case when you become aware of the allergic reactions. Especially, children with allergy cough should reduce or avoid touching or petting their dogs or other animals at home.

10 – Clean, clean, and clean

Cleaning your house often is one of the best possible and inexpensive ways to maintain an indoor environment. Dust your house often and use a HEPA filter vacuum as an air pollution remedy to keep your house clean. However, it’s best to execute the house cleaning activities when the person with allergic symptoms is not at home. 

11 – Opt for hard surfaces

It’s best to have wooden or other types of hard surfaces like tile or vinyl at your home. These surfaces are easy to clean and also dander doesn’t stick to them. Pet dander usually sticks to carpets, drapes, curtains, etc., which is an indoor source of pollution.

But, for any reason, if you need to have carpet in your house, try steam cleaning it regularly to keep it clean.

12 – Try closing air registers

Closing your air registers might reduce the amount of animal dander that circulates your house. If the air pollution remedy seems a bit impractical, try closing only the ones in the room of the allergic individual. This way you can ensure better health and air safety for your children.

13 – Going beyond air purifiers

An air purifier is no doubt one of the best solutions to get rid of pet allergens at home. But, moving a step ahead, the modern-day air security device designed with the latest technology could be the best way to protect your children from pet dander and other airborne particles. 

The reason why the air security device stands a step ahead of traditional air purifiers is its way of functioning. The intelligent air security device functions by releasing negative ions into the air to remove unwanted bacteria and viruses, pet dander, pollen, and cigarette smoke. 

The negative ions released into the air by the air security device attach themselves to the positively charged particles in huge quantities. Hence negatively charging the particles and making them too heavy to stay airborne. This product is an example of one of the best upcoming technologies.

The bottom line

Altogether, there are innumerable ways to protect your children from pet dander or allergens at home. But it might not be possible to apply every strategy to ensure air safety and avoid pet dander. 

Sometimes, you might need to choose only the best way to keep the air clean and protect yourself against the airborne particles.

Xavier James is an experienced content writer and a certified marketing trainer. He works at The Pro Linkers.