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Northern Beaches Mums Group

12 months with Dr Sophie Scamps as Independent MP for Mackellar

It’s been just over 12 months since Mackellar made history at the 2022 federal election – and what a year it has been!

The focus in on building a better future for all Australians by holding the Albanese Government to account, improving legislation, and pushing the Government to tackle the issues facing in Mackellar and nationally.

Dr Sophie and her team are here to help, so reach out if you would like to raise an issue or need support. You can contact the office – or 9913 9566. 

So, what has been achieved in the first 12 months?

Standing up for Mackellar 

  • Helped secure vital funding from the new NSW Government to address the flooding of the Wakehurst Parkway
  • Worked with Aged Care Minister Anika Wells to support the residents and families impacted by the closure of the Wesley Taylor aged care centre in Narrabeen 
  • Strongly advocated in support of the community’s concerns about the Conservation Zones Review to ensure the local environment is conserved 
  • Campaigned against the destructive PEP-11 offshore oil and gas licence that threatens our beaches and coastline 
  • Worked with the community to halt the proposal to build 450 homes on bushfire-prone land at Lizard Rock in Belrose 
  • Working with the Cottage Point community to help secure vital mobile and internet coverage 
  • Established the new Mackellar Grant Finder to help Mackellar organisations and individuals find grants

Acting on climate change and protecting the environment

  • Strengthened Australia’s climate laws by enshrining a 2050 net zero target into law 
  • Helped improve the safeguard mechanism to ensure Australia’s biggest polluters reduce their emissions 
  • Called for the establishment of a National Climate, Health and Wellbeing Strategy – which is now in development
  • Introduced a Private Member’s Motion to end the logging of our unique and beautiful native forests 
  • Led calls for an end to offshore oil and gas drilling and seconded Zali Steggall MP’s Stop PEP-11 and Protect Our Coast Bill

Tackling cost of living pressures

  • Voted to cap coal and gas prices to help tackle rising energy prices Supported policies that make medicines and childcare cheaper 
  • Pushed the Government to fast-track investment in renewables and EV technology
  • Established the Parliamentary Friends of Future Generations to implement long-term policy solutions 
  • Supported an increase in the JobSeeker rate Supported a 15% pay rise for aged care workers

Restoring integrity in politics

  • Negotiated to strengthen the National Anti-Corruption Commission
  • Introduced a Private Member’s Bill to end the ‘jobs for mates’ culture in Government appointments 
  • Advocated for whistle-blower protection laws Called for donation reforms to ensure donation laws are more transparent and fair 
  • Moved an amendment calling for the board of the $15 billion National Reconstruction Fund Board to be independently appointed

Fighting for equality 

  • Voted in favour of extending paid parental leave from 18 weeks to 26 weeks 
  • Supported the reinstatement of the single parent payment for parents with children up to the age of 14 
  • Called on the Government to address Australia’s gender pay and super gaps 
  • Supported the Fair Work Amendment which provides 10 days domestic violence leave 
  • Called for an end to the indefinite detention of refugees offshore and onshore

A thriving economy and small business community

  • Led calls for a redesign of the Petroleum Resource Rent Tax so fossil fuel companies pay a fairer share of tax 
  • Urged the Treasurer to extend the instant asset write-off scheme for small businesses 
  • Worked to address workforce shortages by advocating for a temporary increase in migration 
  • Supported cheaper childcare to assist parents to return to the workforce 
  • Voted in favour of more free TAFE places 
  • Proposed Bill amendments to protect small businesses from the risk of unnecessary multi-employer bargaining

Reviving our healthcare

  • Developing a Private Member’s Bill to protect children from chronic disease by regulating junk food advertising 
  • Pushed for increased funding for mental health services in our community 
  • Advocated for an increase in the Medicare rebate to increase the number of GPs bulk billing patients
  • Supported 24/7 registered nursing in aged care facilities
  • Argued for strong regulation of vaping products that target children with colourful packaging and sweet flavours 
  • Established the Parliamentary Friends of General Practice to address the GP crisis