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Upzeez – High Rize Baby Cot

The High Rize baby cot is ergonomically designed to protect your back or aid recovery from traumatic childbirth.

Upzeez is a Smart High-Rize Baby Cot that has been ergonomically designed to reduce back pain and aid recovery from traumatic childbirth like c-section or induction. The Upzeez 3 in 1 baby cot is practical and adjustable making it the ideal choice for parents.

Having multiple babies means you will be doing multiple lifting of your babies in and out of the cot. The Upzeez High Rize is a 3 in 1 baby cot, created as a solution to back pain, related to traditional cots. It’s innovative and ergonomic dAfter giving birth means you will be doing a daily routine of lifting of your baby(ies) in and out of the cot. The Upzeez High Rize is a 3 in 1 baby cot, created as a solution to back pain, related to traditional cots. Its innovative and ergonomic design allows you to place your baby in and lift your baby out, without the need to bend over the cot.

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Love your baby. Preserve your back.

Our mission is to eliminate/reduce back strain when putting in and taking out your babies from the cot.

The story behind the Upzeez High-Rize Baby Cot

After having a c-section, the standard low laying cot, was an impossible challenge for Grace, even when adjusted to its maximum height. The doctors and midwives had warned that she should neither bend over nor lift their daughter to avoid the risk of tearing her stitches, making her dependent on others to help care for her baby.

After a second pregnancy, another caesarean section and the same agonising pain suffered by Grace after the birth of their second child, Chris was determined to create the cot that his family had needed, leading to the invention of the High Rize baby cot.

The ability to raise the base of the cot to a height where there is no need to bend, allows parents to focus on their newborn, without any added discomfort brought on by traditional cots.

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Upzeez Cot Safety

At Upzeez, we have focused and prioritised safety throughout the development of our products. All of our products strictly adhere to the Australian and New Zealand, United States America, European Union and Canadian safety standards, to provide the confidence and peace of mind needed when caring for babies. 

As part of our safety protocols, we have eliminated wooden slats and introduced see-through mesh. The mesh fabric is soft and gentle on your baby’s skin and easily washable, creating a hygienic environment. 

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Upzeez High Rize Baby Cot takes care of your back as you take care of your babies. No need to bend and strain your back or risk tearing stitches.


The High Rize cot has been designed with sustainability in mind. Not only with the materials that we have used, but also due to its longevity. The baby cot and change table will grow with your children and transform into their first bed and bedside table, once they have grown out of the cot.

Ultimately, you will save money and reduce landfill by not having to purchase so more furniture at this stage of your children’s development. 

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