Northern Beaches Mums Group
Northern Beaches Mums Group

Standing up for the change we need

As a local Mum of two boys and having been involved with many local businesses and community groups, I am aware of the issues that the people of the Manly electorate are facing. Issues like transport, healthcare for all the family and of course, the rising cost of living. We are all concerned about the pokie machines, and the advertising for online gambling that we see on sporting jerseys and when watching sport on TV. And of course, climate is a major concern for all of us who want to ensure we leave a better world for our children.

From a recent poll of voters in the Manly electorate, we know the election is close – and we have a real chance to make Manly independent.

Did you know that Manly has been Independent at State level for 16 of the last 24 years? And we’ve seen the positive impact driving improvements at a federal level – with Zali, and more recently Dr Sophie and the other ‘teals,’ supporting climate action and critical issues such as no junk food ads for kids. As an Independent, I will be answerable only to my community and I will make sure your views are heard.

People often speak to me about the challenges of transport on the Northern Beaches. Why aren’t the buses turning up? Where is the promised B2? Why are there queues for the Manly ferries every weekend? And what is the situation with the Northern Beaches Tunnel? I will work hard to improve these services and ensure future contracts have both transparency and value for the residents of the Manly electorate.   

And then, there are concerns about the only hospital in the Manly electorate – the Northern Beaches hospital. The staff there all do an amazing job – just like healthcare workers do everywhere. But government is letting us down with very questionable commercial arrangements with companies based in tax havens and lack of funding for key services. We desperately need a dedicated mental health inpatient unit here – services are either costing too much or simply not there. We must do better.

Election Day is in March – getting closer every day and I need all the support I can get.

State elections are very different from Federal. First, we face a campaign funding cap as the playing field is not level, with the incumbent having significant campaign funding advantages. Campaign spending caps are a good thing, but we need a fair game – rather than spending money on electioneering, we should spend money on the services that really matter – like women’s shelters which are facing huge funding shortages on the beaches. However, as you may have read recently, sitting members do not face the same challenges. They can use parliamentary entitlements – your money – to circulate their message and curry favour with recipients.     

To me, this all goes to the heart of integrity – level playing fields, and honesty to voters. There should be no pork barrelling and the lobbyists with the deepest pockets shouldn’t be prioritised – it should be the needs of the community that comes first.     

So, if you are tired of not being heard by the Perrotet government – you have only a few weeks to make a huge difference – put on a Joeline Hackman campaign t-shirt, put up a poster in your front yard, knock on some doors and be part of the change for good.

Join the Facebook Live on Wednesday 15th February and hear more from Joeline.