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Review: The Good Sort?, The 100% Natural Go-To Meal? or Snack for Women on the Go

Northern Beaches Mum, Lauren, recently tried out the The Good Sort?. She enjoyed the product and sent us this review…

Made in Australia and founded in 2018, The Good Sort? can be a meal or a snack for women on the go. It aims to nourish and fuel the body from the inside out, with the quality ingredients alongside organic vitamins and minerals and also free from added sugar, fillers, artificial colours or flavours.

I got the opportunity to try the plant and dairy based proteins – vanilla and strawberry. I enjoyed both of them, and it was just like having a shake from a shop. It was definitely an easy go-to meal or snack!

I love the idea that the shakes come in a unique perforated dual sachet, so you can choose between having a full meal or half a meal (a snack!), or you could mix flavours to create your own blend.

I went to their website to check out what other flavours were available. I really liked their website, it is very easy to find what they have available and to place an order… it was very enticing – I will definitely be back to order.