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Review: The Caretaker

Northern Beaches Mum Kate got the opportunity to see The Caretaker and sent us this raving review

Having not heard or seen this play in such a long time I was thrilled to go and see Harold Pinter’s The Caretaker at the Ensemble Theatre.

A homeless man Davies is given a place to live by Brothers Aston and Mick.  

Actor Darren Gilshenan is phenomenal as Davies. My heart warmed and went out to him throughout this flawless performance. Some of the language is very 60s but yet you could not be offended by this with his wonderful performance. There was so much laughter from the audience at Gilshenan’s rowdy and animated performance with so many funny lines for the full two-and-a-half hours performance.  

Aston has big dreams of building a shed in the yard, but gets no closer than accruing a pile of timber, and, in a brilliant scene, sanding a piece of wood, he recounts the horrors of the shock treatment he once had which brought tears to my eyes.  His brother Mick’s dreams of doing up the run down house but this too seems out of his reach.

Three very impressive performances by all three actors delivered a thoroughly entertaining evening for all.

This play is suitable for all ages. I took my 16 year old daughter who enjoyed this just as much as I did.

There are too small intervals where you can stretch your legs or grab a drink or snack at the bar.

The Ensemble theatre is now one of our favourite Theatres. The quality of the plays here are just brilliant. Everything we’ve seen here we’ve thoroughly enjoyed and the performances have been outstanding. If you’ve not tried the Ensemble Theatre it’s well worth the drive to see the quality performances here.  

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The Caretaker is on at Ensemble Theatre (78 McDougall St, Kirribilli) from 14th October to 19th November 2022. For tickets and more information: