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Are you looking for something to enjoy now that Sydney is open again? Here is a raving review from local Northern Beaches mum Leanne.

NORTH BY NORTHWEST is a Hitchcock thriller that is frantic, fun, inventive and intriguing. It has a great storyline and ensures lots of laughs during the show. The stage adaption of the classic 50s film is filled with amazing acting. It stars David Campbell as Roger O. Thornhill who is the framed fugitive thrust into a world of spies, man-hunts, mystery and romance in an exclusive Sydney season.

It is a thrilling performance where mistaken identity plays out in the typical Alfred Hitchcock suspense. Starting in a hotel bar in New York City, the action takes the audience on a crazy journey across several neath-death experiences. All the action scenes from Hitchcock’s timeless film is here, mainly thanks to projections, and in the case of the notorious biplane and some other sequences, models are being manipulated, videoed and projected in real-time.

David Campbell is fabulous and he has an impressive 50s American drawl too. Amber McMahon picks up Eva Marie Saint’s role of Eve Kendall, the professional spy and part-time seductress.

The simple set steel structures are bought to life by the accomplished acting of the entire cast and the use of pre-recorded and live-action projections.

My 14-year-old daughter was mesmerised by the whole production. She said she had never seen anything like this, and neither had I. “This production contains some adult themes and is appropriate for ages 10+.

North by Northwest was absolutely fabulous – 10/10! Don’t miss the theatrical event of 2022.