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Review: Come From Away

Looking for something to enjoy now that lockdown is over? Here is a great review from Northern Beaches Mums Nina…

Come From Away is the perfect post lockdown experience – it was energetic from start to finish. The mood was vibrant and theatre-goers were happy to be out and supporting the arts. The cast took us on a ride from the edge of our seats with emotion to clapping and foot-stomping with joy, culminating in a very enthusiastic standing ovation.

Whilst this post 9/11 drama treads around delicate topics such as racism, prejudice and more, it is handled with grace and humour and a welcoming big Newfoundland hug.

If you’re unfamiliar with the story, it begins when American airspace closes for the first time in its history, and 38 planes carrying over 6,500 passengers are redirected to the small town of Gander, Canada.

Townspeople embrace these weary world travellers, inviting them to share in prayer, poignantly conveyed with the beautiful rounded and harmonised, “Make Me a Channel of your Peace”. 

The impact of such compassion and inclusivity has a profound impact on travellers. Find out how, when you go to see “Come From Away” for yourself.

In all, it was a very uplifting experience that I highly recommend for everyone.

Read the media release here.

There are tickets still available for October, November, December 2021 and January 2022. Get tickets here.