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Review: Boxing Day BBQ

Northern Beaches Mum Amanda got the opportunity to see Boxing Day BBQ at The Ensemble Theatre on date night with her husband and sent us this review…

Go and make this your date night!

If you go along to the Ensemble Theatre you are in for a treat with this wonderful play.

Do you ever think no matter what is going on in your lives that because it is Christmas, you can put all the drama to one side for the day to have a happy Christmas? Well, here is a family trying to do just that and its very entertaining. 

There is the dad (Peter) with his much younger new wife (Val) that he met at work and has now married. His 25 year old daughter (Jennifer) who is a bit of a hippy, wants to change the world. She has a secret that she’s not telling anyone until Boxing Day – that she is going to go on a Pirate Ship for a year! Peters’ sister (Connie) and husband are currently getting divorced too but are good friends.

There is some tension with Val and Jennifer. Val has some hilarious lines and believes the world is flat! They clash with their beliefs which leads to some great conversations and entertainment.

Connie’s estranged husband Morris keeps turning up at the house uninvited to tend to his beehive, even though there are no bees. His motive is to see his soon to be ex-wife.

Boxing day is a day of conflicts, masked in festivities and games. A bushfire threatens the family home, and I won’t give too much away here but the play turns into its own version of a Christmas carol. You’ll have to go and watch the play if you want to see what I am talking about!

The cast are perfect and each and every character is engaging. You will find yourself laughing and crying throughout this play. It is very clever and will get you in the mood for Christmas.

Watch out for the Bees! Hilarious….

I feel it is suited for ages 12+. This is a great date night for mum and dad. Get there early grab a cheese platter and a couple of drinks and enjoy the water views. It is also a great Christmas present, so why not buy some tickets to treat someone?

Dates: 5th December 2022 to 15th January 2023
Location: Ensemble Theatre, 78 McDougall Street, Kirribilli
Tickets: $38 – $80