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From the gym to brunch and now picnics, activewear has become a staple in most women’s wardrobes and there is no doubt that it is a trend that is here to stay. In fact, the industry is now worth $155 billion dollars! That is a lot of product that is being churned out each year.

However, like with any industry, the production of activewear can produce a lot of waste, from items of clothing going unworn and getting thrown out to chemical dyes, solvents and other petrochemicals used in some production factories that can be potentially hazardous for the environment causing degradation and a build-up of waste material.

However Bondi Active is one brand that is consciously getting creative in order to reduce its carbon footprint, while also creating garments that are made to perform. 

Enter their new Alloy collection, a range that has been made from recycled water bottles and fishing nets.

We have been working on how to create a recycled collection for a while, and we are so excited that we have managed to create a range that is made from 100% recycled materials, while not compromising on quality. It is still quick-dry, has 4-way stretch and even has a compression fit fabrication to help smooth and support the body. It’s not just an environmentally friendly range, it is also functional.” says Briony Oayda from Bondi Active.

“We love the design of this range just as much as the fabric used in it. With travel limited, we wanted to bring the holiday home with resort-inspired prints, pops of sunny yellow and palm tree motifs. It’s also our most flattering range to date with our retro-inspired crops and pants that hug you in all the right places (and actually stay put no matter how strenuous the workout!).”

Whether it’s pounding the promenade at dawn, soft-sand sprints by dusk, cheeky mid-arvo dips or pre-coffee chin-ups, Bondi Active is stress-tested to go the distance. Providing the perfect activewear for beachside bodies that will work hard and play fair with you, while also enjoying their eco-friendly and recycled fabrics.

‘Embedded deep within the soul
Is the story of our suffering
One of conflict, confusion
And maybe even doubt

Lined with fear and misinterpretation
This is the story that holds the keys
That when discovered and turned
Will transform the owner

To live, to thrive
In peace, in joy
In freedom from the pain
That once threatened’

Copyright: JL Keez: September 2nd 2021

A once strong and vibrant athlete, who sang to crowds of thousands, diminished into a barely-there rendition of her former self at the young age of fifteen. For nine years no one asked the ‘why’. Doctors missed the queues, obvious in their appearance. The starving, the binging, the days of bloating, excessive exercising, the tears, the cries for help – all hidden behind a smile of “Hello”.

At twenty-four, a caring work colleague insisted I accompany her to her doctors. The words ‘eating disorder’, expressly, ‘anorexia nervosa’, was shared. I identified. Tremendous fear turned into denial, running away and wanting to hide. The referral to a psychiatrist resulted in, “Put on weight and all will be forgiven.” Weekly weighings delivered a challenge only known by me. In the absence of any other assistance, the weight gradually, reluctantly, restored.

However, anorexia nervosa was now replaced with chronic fatigue, migraines, OCD, depersonalisation, and eventually, suicidal depression. I had not healed, nor recovered. I was immersed in a life of sheer debilitation. Two pregnancies thought to hold the key to chemical rebalancing, saw me spiral deeper into anxiety and all of those associated illnesses. The only way out it seemed, was to leave…tempting as this was, the pull of joy experienced as a mother kept me going.

A chance connection with a psychologist at thirty-seven – a woman who had walked my path before me – was the one who, at last, provided sense, provided my ‘why’. True recovery finally emerged.

Eating disorders are mental illnesses disguised behind a wall of fear where the owner succumbs to the dialogue of the story running daily through their thoughts. I had restored the weight – well, the bullying to do so produced a greater fear than not following through. What I had not done, was bring understanding, or recognition, that I was dealing with a mental illness, solid in its grip. Why an eating disorder was the case was never explored. Why me and not my siblings were not explored. Why the development of additional debilitating illnesses was not explored. In fact, exploration of my life was never put on the agenda.

And yet, exploration of the story was exactly where I needed to be taken so I could give meaning as to, “Why this is my life”.

In meeting this wonderful woman who practised Reality Therapy underpinned by Choice Theory, I was given a framework to utilise, and eventually, a new foundation upon which to rebuild my life. This framework took me on a journey through my story. I was able to identify events that had impacted my view of the world and how it apparently worked. The ideas taught through the family culture weighed heavily. I discovered my perceptions were vastly flawed. As the pathway to healing took hold I discovered elements of a story unknown, locked away.

The struggle to recover, damning in its content, was joined with an unwavering determination to succeed.

Instead of having lived a life built upon a solid understanding, I had been gradually slipping into an abyss defined and lined by tremendous fears – each of which I had unwittingly handed my life over to. Anorexia nervosa was the end result of disconnecting from myself and the beginning of existing only.

So what was the breakthrough? I was gently guided to explore each of the bodies systems available to us all – the inbuilt systems which hold the keys, which when turned, explain the ‘why’. I explored my:

  • Thoughts
  • Behaviours
  • Emotions
  • Physical symptoms

I examined my:

  • Beliefs
  • Values
  • Needs – love and belonging, fun, freedom, survival, power (ie being empowered)
  • Wants


What a revelation!

Hidden within my story were all the clues, all the keys. I was living according to the voices of so many others. I had become lost and twisted within the fears associated with each. I had become a walking time bomb, exploding at 15. My story made sense of the suffering, the conflict, confusion and doubt. The misinterpretation had become my guide, impacting every decision made and lived.

A life lived through strong family control, sexual abuse, bullying at school, exclusion, isolation, rejection and several changes of address had taken its toll. Perfectionism was an attempt to be loved and liked. Creating an image thought to be necessary for acceptance gave way to a mental illness fierce in its undertaking. Constantly looking over my shoulder, monitoring my behaviour for correctness, ensuring there were no gaps for criticism, playing the game of being the chameleon, became clues for recovery once explored.

But enough of me … what do I wish for you, the reader, to take from my words? The following:

  • Anorexia nervosa impacts 1 in 25 Australians
  • 64% daughters, wives, sisters
  • Estimated 360,131 males
  • 1 death every hour – this is a serious mental illness

Recovery requires:

  • Open discussion and willingness to explore one’s life
  • Identifying timeline events which saw the eating disorder take hold
  • Reframing contributing events, replacing each with a more peaceful outcome
  • Closely examining each of the given areas suggested above and being fully prepared to rearrange each to align with YOU; to redefine your life to reflect YOU
  • Assessing patterns and threads ie recurring elements in ones life
  • Sourcing someone willing to unlock your puzzle pieces with you, working with each to their end
  • Surrounding yourself with a support group filled with those willing to see YOU emerge – not their idea of YOU – the real YOU, whatever that may look like
  • Walking away from stand over control
  • Honesty, determination, application, strength. trust, being brave
  • Acceptance of self

Recovery also includes:

  • Nutritional support – gradual and without pressure
  • Exercise – appropriate and timely in its introduction
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness

And finally, recovery involves:

  • Letting go of the old to welcome the new!
  • Giving yourself permission to be YOU
  • Being excited about becoming YOU

Oh! And by the way, recovery is not about failure, it is about taking wisdom from this difficult guest, mental illness/eating disorder, learning from its presence, growing and developing a strength you never knew you had!

Within the bodies, systems lie all the information required to understand, give meaning to, and turn what is a debilitating mental illness, into your greatest triumph. Explore the systems available, hold each clue, each key, in your hand, apply YOU to each scenario. Emerge renewed, transformed, ready to live, to thrive, in peace, in joy, free from the pain which once threatened to take your life. One last ‘thing’ – eventually, give thanks to the illness – for, in the end, it gave you… YOU!

Survivor of a nine-year struggle with Anorexia Nervosa, and many years enduring associated illnesses, JL Keez dedicates her life to empowering those impacted by eating disorders and related debilitating conditions. A Reality Therapy Certified Counsellor, Speaker, and Teacher, JL Keez’s detailed insights are powerfully portrayed in her memoir, “Anorexia Unlocked: Understanding Your Story Through Mine”. Her passionate delivery on the topic, “How We Relate… Impacts”, for The Reality Therapy Institute Australia demonstrated her strength as an inspirational voice within her subject area.

JL Keez educates sufferers of eating disorders, and the associated illnesses, through educational programs, inspirational speaking, and books. Each medium shared is authentic, honest, highly informative and extremely relatable.

Instagram: @jlkeezanorexiaunlocked
Facebook Page: JL Keez Anorexia Unlocked

As restrictions start to ease, many of us are possibly feeling something that we never expected. Anxious about having to go back out in the world, and there are so many reasons for it.

For starters, having a reason to say no to social gatherings has probably brought comfort to some, but now that we are “free” and outings and invitations are coming in Hot it is a strong cause of anxiety for some.

Freeing up travelling time has meant that people have had more time to look after their health and wellness and of course there is the fact that COVID-19 will be rampant once the flood gates open, which can bring a bunch of feelings of uncertainty. Then there is still the question of homeschooling vs sending the kids back to school.

While everything starts getting back to normal or the “new normal” it is important to make sure we continue to take care of our mental health, if not prioritise it. Meditation and mindfulness guide Luke McLeod tells us how.

Don’t be afraid to say no

If you are feeling anxious about excess socialising and needing to travel more than you would like to, I suggest dedicating a few social hours per week to ensure you are not overwhelmed and/or get comfortable with saying no. Mums are already juggling kids, work, whatever else is going on in their lives and having excess social occasions is going to get overwhelming fast. 

Take care of yourself and put a plan in place that works for your lifestyle in terms of how you are going to manage your time In terms of what you need to do, me time and social time.

Schedule in some time to work on your mental health

Whether meditation and mindfulness is your thing, journaling, a nature walk, make sure you schedule some time to look after yourself and to do something that benefits your mental health. If you are not your best self, how can you expect to be the best you can be for others. Don’t feel bad about prioritising yourself.

Organise wellness activities with your friends

Eating and drinking with your friends are fun, but why not make the experience even more beneficial by adding a bit of wellness into your catch-ups.

I have partnered up with the QT Bondi to organise a night of meditation, snacks, a delicious dinner at Eden Bondi and even a Staycation at the QT Bondi for those who want to stay the night. Learn how to meditate and have a nice night with your friends (or on your own) learning how to get the most out of meditation. This should be an evening of relaxation, connection and a focus on your mental health and wellbeing.

About Soul Space with Luke McLeod 

Meditation and mindfulness guide Luke McLeod has teamed up with QT Bondi to host a night of wellness and good vibes to celebrate the coming out of lockdown. 

Join them for a 45-minute mediation & mindfulness experience, with optional extras including dinner at the highly reviewed plant-based restaurant Eden Bondi and accommodation at Bondi’s only designer pad, QT Bondi.

Options and how to book 

Meditation & Mindfulness experience only: $50

Good Vibes Staycation: Includes; Meditation & Mindfulness experience plus 1-night accommodation at QT Bondi: $240pp

All The Good Vibes Experience: Includes; Meditation & Mindfulness experience, 1 nights accommodation at QT Bondi & Dinner at the highly renowned plant-based restaurant Eden Bondi $315pp ($75pp for additional guest).

QT Bondi to take bookings and payment for consumer event, bookings to be taken via Reservations QT Bondi.


To celebrate the arrival of Elm Lifestyle at Warriewood, they are giving away 2 x $100 gift vouchers to spend in store!!

Click here to view this promotion.

Terms and conditions: The winners will be chosen by Northern Beaches Mums on Wednesday 27th of October at 9 am and contacted by email. If the winners cannot be contacted within 3 days another winner/s will be chosen.

The competition is open to SYDNEY residents only.

You may be surprised how you can turn your passion for interiors into useful renovation skills to build your wealth. Here are five key steps to help you realise your dream to transform your passion into profits.

Are you a closet interior designer or an interior tragic? It’s easy to diagnose, just check your phone, if it is full of screenshots and insta feeds of gorgeous rooms, homewares, houses and gardens, it’s confirmed!

The passion for beautiful interiors is an obsession that strikes many women and, used wisely can be the secret to building incredible wealth.

Bernadette Janson, founder of The School of Renovating shares her secrets on how you can become a savvy renovator and live the life you love…

As mothers, we are hardwired to be homemakers. What about converting that passion into a substantial income?  It is easier than you think.

I am going to walk you through the key steps to channelling your flair for creating beautiful homes into wealth.

Step One: It all starts with your family home

Robert Kiyosaki once famously declared that the family home is not an asset, a concept that has been echoed by plenty of so-called property gurus since.

They are all wrong!

For most Australians, the family home is their biggest and sometimes only real asset and represents the bulk of their wealth.  Having a home to call your own is important for many mothers. If you can make rational decisions with the purchase and improvement of your family home it can also be a magnificent launchpad to building substantial wealth. This is where your passions and innate renovation skills start to shine.

What if you don’t have a home yet? Well, that is the first place to start. If you. don’t have a deposit, here are a few tips to get you there quicker.

Once you’re ready, buy a home that you can add value to with renovation.

The perfect renovation property is 20-30 years old, built using relatively modern building practices and with a good structure. Dirty, stinky houses with good bones often have many thousands of dollars hidden as profit potential.

Step two: Apply renovation skills to add value to the home

If you have bought the right property at the right price, you should be able to increase the value of your home with a renovation by 10-20% after costs. This extra value can often be equal to or more than what you could earn in a year.

Rational decisions are important to bring into play.

Unfortunately, decisions we make when renovating a family home are often coloured with emotion. 

Common areas where overspending occurs are kitchens and bathrooms. Unless you are doing a structural renovation, you should limit your spending to 5-10% of the purchase price. A profit-making renovation would include some or all of the following:

  • Minor floor plan changes for more open plan living or flow
  • Upgrade the kitchen
  • Upgrade the bathroom
  • Convert a large laundry into a second bathroom
  • Create an area to entertain outside
  • Upgrade light fittings
  • Upgrade floor coverings, window dressing
  • Improve storage
  • Install heating and cooling
  • Improve street appeal

Step Three: Your renovation skills include presenting the home for revaluation

Once you have completed your renovation, it is important to style for two reasons.

First, as part of your interior design aspirations, it will give you a huge sense of satisfaction to have your home be a reflection of your passion.

The second is to have the home revalued. You want to present the home in the best way possible in order to secure a good valuation.  I would not presume to influence a valuer’s decision but a freshly renovated home that is perfectly presented is a good start.  You could also gather some examples of local sales that will support the valuation you hope for.

Hopefully, your expanded renovation skills will enable you to extract the equity you have created to launch the next stage in your journey. Here are some tips to help

Step Four: Start building a reno portfolio

Take that equity you have created and use it as a deposit to buy your first investment property. The sooner you can do this the better, particularly when the property market is growing so vigorously. Every property you own can be like a little money-generating engine, adding thousands in equity to your bottom line with organic growth. 

And you also have a secret weapon, so the same rules apply to your family home.

Buy a property with the potential to add value. This time you are not just renovating to add value but also to increase yield.

You might also consider a high cash flow strategy such as short term rentals like Airbnb (depending on location).

Step Five: Develop your renovation skills to rinse and repeat

Once your investment property is up and running and producing income the next step is to repeat the process. Keep developing your renovation skills, revalue, refinance and go again. Building your skills, experience and wealth this way means that you only ever have to produce one deposit, to begin with, and then your renovations produce the funds for subsequent purchases.

Expand your love of renovating to create your dream life

Of course, it is not for everybody but if you love renovating, it can contribute to your dream life. Start with small steps and grow your renovation skills along with your portfolio. You will be well placed to channel your flair for beautiful spaces into incredible wealth.

Bernadette Janson is the founder of The School Of Renovating. She has been passionate about renovating since she completed her first project as a 13-year-old.

Renovating enabled her to retire from nursing at 29, pay off a mortgage, help her young adult children with their first home deposit and earn a serious six-figure income while still having time to pursue her personal interests. She personally completes an average of  2- 3  renovation projects per year using her signature 100k renovation system

Bernadette also has an interest in the financial empowerment of Australian women. She believes that many are financially vulnerable, especially when approaching retirement due to their tendency to sacrifice their own ambitions and financial security in order to be the main caregivers in families.

She now helps women channel their creativity and flair for homemaking into renovating for-profit and Airbnb so they can earn a six-figure income working part-time. She is also the host of the She Renovates Podcast, community and Annual Conference


The fitness industry is one that is constantly evolving, now more so than ever thanks to technology! Fitness has never been so diverse – both in terms of style of workout and more relevantly, HOW people can access fitness.

The last year has seen a significant increase in online fitness because of COVID. But it created significant opportunities for advances in technology and how people can access fitness, and we can reap the benefits of that now to enjoy fitness that is more convenient and personalised in how we want it.

Although some will argue you can’t get the same access to gym equipment or trainer motivation from home, FLOE is an example of how the fitness industry is serving up the most personalised and motivating home workout experiences yet, to keep you on track with your fitness goals, from the comfort and convenience of home.

With a focus on consumer convenience FLOE Live allows members to access live and interactive (yep that means instructors can see you and coach you from home!) workouts starting every 30 minutes. Yoga, Pilates, Strength, Meditation and HIIT at a time that suits you and without compromising on motivation. And for those who want the latest in home gym equipment, the FLOE Gym is the fashionable and functional answer – all the equipment you’ll ever need – even converting into a workout bench and Ballet Barre, that packs down into one minimalist box when not in use.

Let’s celebrate lockdown ending!

We have partnered with some local Northern Beaches businesses to deliver to you this ‘We Are Open For Business’ Guide showcasing businesses that are opening their doors… let’s help them get back in business!

Don’t forget to mention Northern Beaches Mums!

Zippy Financial

What are your plans? If you are thinking of building, renovating, moving, investing, buying a new car, investing in your business or want to restructure your debt, we are ready and raring to go at Zippy Financial. Whatever you are thinking about, get in touch so we can explore all the possibilities for you and help you make some informed decisions. Let’s plan your next chapter together!

Phone: 1300 855 022
Facebook: Zippy Financial
Instagram: zippyfinancial
Linkedin: Zippy Financial
YouTube: Zippy Financial

Purple Avenue

Your Northern Beaches property buying advantage!

Saving you the time, money, and stress that comes with buying property.

  • Open doors to more property with their off-market & pre-market access.
  • Have confidence that you are purchasing a property for the best possible price with their negotiation expertise.
  • Be the first to know and get ahead of a rising market.
  • Take back your weekends and remove the need for inspections on short-notice, they’ve got it covered!

Let Purple Avenue’s knowledge, access and expertise become your advantage in securing your next property.

Source | Locate | Evaluate | Negotiate | Secure

Get in touch and take the first step – to Northern Beaches Mums members, they are offering a free 30-minute phone consultation to dive into your wants and needs with your proposed property purchase.

Phone: 0448 881 254
Facebook: Purple Avenue Buyers Agency
Instagram: purpleavenueba

Womb with a View

Womb With A View offers a professional and caring, non-medical mobile or studio 3D~4D~5D Baby Bonding Ultrasound experience.

Mommy owned and operated for nearly 8 years, Coralie has become Sydney’s and the Northern Beaches most treasured ultrasound service. As a mobile service, you can enjoy seeing your growing baby in the womb from the comfort of your own home. You’re able to invite family members and friends to take part in the session if you wish. Or you may also choose to have your session at the convenient Freshwater location instead.

Throughout the lockdown, couples have enjoyed seeing their babies together for the first time as many partners have been unable to be a part of the medical scans.

Coralie feels extremely privileged to be a part of the pregnancy journey and can’t wait to show you your growing little love soon! Packages start from as low as $95 for gender determination and there is a package to suit every budget.

A truly precious and priceless experience!

Phone: 0422 834 656
Facebook: Womb With A View
Instagram: wombwithaview3d4d5dultrasound

Henderson Advocacy

⏱ Time poor?
😢 Tired of missing out?
🏡 Access to off-market properties?

Buyers Advocate service for both owner-occupier and investment property purchases. Henderson Advocacy specialises in direct with vendor and off-market property purchases.

They offer more than a service; it’s the opportunity to save you time, money and emotional stress. 

Fun fact – the average search time to buy a property without a Buyers Advocate in Australia is 9 months? Their average search time is 54 days.

Send an email to get in touch to lock in a no-obligation, free 10-minute call to discuss your property search!

Phone: 0431 958 779 – Dominika Eva Bator
Instagram: dominika_henderson

Kylie Johnson Art

Paint and Sip Class for all occasions!

Reconnect face to face again with friends, family or work colleagues in this creative Paint and Sip Class! Sip wine and relax by the water’s edge in Kylie’s special Boathouse Studio in Bayview or she can come to you as a pop-up! These creative classes are a great way to learn how to paint your favourite canvas in a relaxed and fun environment whilst you socialise and feel the calm that painting can bring. 

This class is perfect for beginners as you will be guided step by step, sip by sip by artist Kylie Johnson, while allowing your own creative ideas to flow.  Leave your worries at the door and come ready to express your inner artist!

Paint and sip classes are perfect for all occasions such as Christmas parties, team building, corporate events, hens nights, birthday parties, friendship groups, mothers groups, parent/child groups, couples or family outings. 

Book in your private groups or come solo to a class!  

Check out Kylie’s published wellbeing resources for children’s wellbeing:

Phone: 0410 619 717
Facebook: Kylie Johnson Art
Instagram: kylie_johnson_art

St Ives Village

105 retailers: Fashion, Homewares, Services, Food

To welcome back customers, they are offering a $20 St Ives Village Gift Card with every $200 spent on Fashion, Accessories, Specialty Retail or Homewares (excludes grocery, fresh food and dining). Valid on purchases from 11th October – 1st November 2021.

Head to the website for further details.

Facebook: St Ives Shopping Village
Instagram: stivesvillage

Dynamic Pilates

Small-Group Pilates Workouts with BIG results!

Dynamic Pilates Australia offers exciting and challenging Reformer, Tower and Studio Pilates classes that produce great results and fast! Classes at Dynamic Pilates use a mix of dynamic, contemporary and classical Pilates methods and constant movement for a full-body workout on the Reformer, Tower machine or Studio apparatus.

Established in 2013 Dynamic Pilates has grown to become the Pilates studio of choice for beginners through to advanced practitioners across Sydney.

  • Choice of 3 studio locations – Manly, CBD & *Dee Why (*Dee Why offers Private & Semi-Private sessions only)
  • Reformer, Tower & Studio Pilates classes
  • Extensive Timetable (7 days a week)
  • Group, Private, Duet & Semi-Private sessions
  • World Class International Instructors
  • BASI Pilates instructor training host studio

Experience a new, cutting edge style of Studio, Reformer and Tower Pilates workouts that will challenge and empower you, and drive life-changing results!

Come and try Pilates today and take advantage of the current introductory offers!

Group Pilates classes – 2 classes for $20
One hour introductory Private 1:1 Pilates session for $99

Phone: 8084 1897
Facebook: Dynamic Pilates
Instagram: dynamicpilatesau

Inspire Physiotherapy and Pilates

Have you been waiting until the end of lockdown to get your aches, pains and injuries treated? Inspire Physiotherapy and Pilates understand the cause of your pain and symptoms. Their extensive treatment techniques focus on eliminating the primary cause and teaching you how to prevent your symptoms from returning. The experienced Physiotherapists support you the whole way, using hands-on treatment techniques, 1:1 exercise therapy and education including the Pilates-reformer and Physio-Pilates classes.

Phone: 9972 3304

Body and Balance Fitness and Wellness

Body and Balance, run by Jill Healy-Quintard, offers unique classes, workshops and one on one programs designed to be the ‘Best of You’ to live fitter, happier, stronger and longer. 

Her lifelong passion is human movement and music. This has taken her on a journey of dance, acting, writing, teaching, creating, presenting and awards for her Long-time Achievements by the Australian Fitness Network in 2006- 2021 and as an Iconic Woman of the Century for my commitment to Wellbeing in 2017 at the Women’s Economic Forum. In August 2021, she was offered the inaugural Lifetime Fitness Australia Member by Barrie Elvish (CEO).

Jill’s specialty Live Stream classes are YogaPilates Fusion, BodyBarre, TribalGroove Fusion, Restorative Pilates, plus Online Pre-recorded and One on One Programs and soon to be back Face to Face at the Manly Vale Studio.

Jill has a pro-age philosophy and takes pride in sharing awareness and information to be fit, strong and happy at any age.

Phone: 0412 422 868
Facebook: Body and Balance Pilates/Yoga/Fitness
Instagram: bodyandbalanceaust

Inspire Yoga

Now is the perfect time to get healthy!

Inspire Yoga’s Dee Why Studio will reopen on Monday 18th October.

They have a variety of Yoga classes, from gentle Yoga to get you back into it, to stronger classes for those that want something more.

If you are not sure what you need, you can book a private session with Yoga Therapist, Liama Aesha who will assess you and give you a home practice to help you meet your goals.

Phone: 9972 0855
Facebook: Inspire Yoga and Wellbeing
Instagram: inspireyogaandwellbeing
Location: Level 2, 685 Pittwater Road, Dee Why

Aussie Gems

After 100 days of being closed, Aussie Gems are so happy to announce they will be opening on Monday 18th October 2021 for the Preschooler classes and much more.

Their unique centre offers a high level of coaches committed to the children’s development, encouraging the children to learn advanced skills in a fun environment.

Aussie Gems want their athletes to reach their full potential by encouraging them to learn and work hard to achieve their goals.

They can’t wait to welcome you back!

Phone: 9451 5706
Facebook: Aussie Gems Gymnastics and Aussie Gems Cheerleading
Instagram: aussiegemsgym and aussiegemscheer
Location: Unit 10, 25 Frenchs Forest Road East, Frenchs Forest. Located in Allambie Grove Business Park.

Ella Wick Candles

Create a sanctuary at home with the boutique range of scents, beautiful handmade candles made with a tonne of care and love. Ella Wick uses only the highest quality ingredients and sources natural Coconut & Soy wax, and make their own blend. The wicks are 100% cotton and they use only aromatherapy grade essentials oils and top of the line Luxaroma fragrance oils. Order your candle of love today ~ Smell Happiness.

Phone: 0404 334 334

Bespoke Baby

Bespoke Baby is your local baby gift & baby clothes specialist. They handcraft beautiful baby gifts using their own brand of quality baby clothes ad swaddles.

A special offer for Northern Beaches Mums, use code: NBM10 for 10% off your entire order.

Phone: 1300 332 229

Calm Mind Hub

Calm Mind Hub runs programs for children between 6 and 16 aimed to build their confidence, self-esteem and resilience. 

The group and individual programs focus on skills to improve mental wellbeing, processing emotions and guide them through the ups and downs of growing up.

Each session includes movement to ease nerves and build teamwork, mindset topics of the week to open their minds to different ideas and mindfulness to give them skills to use wherever and whenever they need them.

Term 4 will be located outside in Cromer. Leaders are fully vaccinated.


Fiji For Families

Fiji for Families – Holidays are back!!

It’s been over 500 days since Australia closed its international borders on the 20th of March 2020. That’s a lot of days since Fiji for Families have done the job they do best, which is to sell beautiful, long dreamed of holidays to fabulous Fijian locations.

Fiji is the perfect destination for families – from the 5-star families to the price-conscious – there is something for everyone. One thing that is guaranteed is that the kids will have a great time (which means the parents will LOVE it). The family-friendly resorts cater for kids of all ages.

Lush islands with white sandy beaches, a warm tropical climate, some of the friendliest people you could ever hope to meet, incredible diving and snorkelling, luxurious resorts with world-class children’s programs, a huge choice of accommodation and activities… these are just a few of the reasons that Fiji is the most popular family holiday destination for Australians. Oh, and it’s all just a few hours direct flight away.

The latest news is that travel is back and is there no better place for families than Fiji – while awaiting more details from the Australian Government about the fine print for travel – if you are looking at 2022 best to lock something in soon (school holidays 2022 are already filling up for some boutique resorts). 

Facebook: Fiji For Families
Instagram: fijiforfamilies


CandleXchange is the easy way to swap and go with your candles.

Drawing on the circular design principles of being made to be made again, CandleXchange was born in early 2021 from the opportunity to reduce the waste generated by the 4 million largely single-use candles sold in Australia every year and reduce the cost of using candles every day. 

The CandleXchange model enables customers to exchange their used container for a new candle at a reduced cost, approximately. 40% cheaper than buying new.

CandleXchange then reuses the glass & ceramic containers to make more candles.

In addition to the reusable containers, they use natural ingredients including pure soy wax and cotton wicks to create an even, clean, and safe burn.

Phone: 0411 474 003
Location: Shop 47, 197-215 Condamine Street, Balgowlah (Stockland)

Infinite Cycle

This October 23rd, cycle studio, Infinite Cycle is set to launch not one, but two new studios on the North Shore. First up, Neutral Bay, located in the main strip of Military Road. Feel free to drive in with free parking behind the studio or jump off the bus at the stop right out the front of this buzzing fitness area. Otherwise, take the steps down to their beautiful new studio in Balgowlah. With a bus stop right out the front and ample parking walking distance away, you’ll find their purpose-built facility underneath the Balgowlah post office. 

IC use state-of-the-art smart bikes which tilt 22 degrees in each direction – making the experience feel just like a real bike. This technology doesn’t just make the workout more thrilling (and realistic), it also delivers serious physical benefits. The movement of the bike forces muscles to engage that wouldn’t otherwise fire up when riding a regular stationary bike.

The result? Compared to other stationary bikes, you’ll burn 20% more calories, work your core and upper body way harder, and protect your joints from the unnatural stressors that are usually part-and-parcel with riding normal indoor cycles.

On top of all this, Infinite Cycle also provides Infinite Cycle @ Home. This subscription-based fitness program is free to all studio members and provides on and off-the-bike content that compliments the in-studio experience.

OFFER: Both new studios are currently offering foundation members (limited to 20 spots) their first 6 weeks for 50% off ($21.50 a week).

Phone: Balgowlah – 0403 931 012 I Neutral Bay – 0435 881 699
Email: Balgowlah – I Neutral Bay –
Location: 8/318 Sydney Road, Balgowlah and 132 Military Road, Neutral Bay

Ladybug Music


Ladybug Music is a brilliant and modern children’s music program for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and their families. Their high-quality music curriculum can’t be found anywhere else, with a diverse range of rich, complex music, combined with simple melodies and great rhythms, introducing your child to pitch, tempo, melody and rhythm through singing, instruments, dance and more.

Your child will sing, play, boogie-down and learn in a unique class experience, and so will you!


Phone: 0432 922 727
Location: Balgowlah and Mosman

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The requirement for our children to do homework has been an infamous debate among teachers, parents, experts and students for quite some time. However, with the benefits of homework established, especially for senior students, the skill set of an independent learner is one that parents can help their children begin to develop from a young age, through the routine of study and homework.

Despite the student workload increasing with age, the key to students completing and benefitting homework can be summarised into a few valuable points that all parents should know. Firstly, it is important that homework and study are explained as a practice of tasks, a review of key ideas, retention of important information and ensures that classroom learning does not go to waste. It is almost impossible for the information to be retained by most students after being exposed to it only once, hence, homework consolidates learning and transfers it from short term memory to long term memory.

There exists a wealth of online and digital resources available to help you, parents, identify ways to support your children at every level of learning. In this article, we offer advice for parents on developing skills – from a young age – which as they are practised, will improve your child’s ability to undertake self-directed study as they progress from primary and into secondary and senior school years with confidence and ease.

Create an environment that encourages focus

Allocate a dedicated study area that has all the resources your student needs at hand. A place in your home, often their room, that is free of social (friends and family) and digital distractions. Some senior students may find having music helps them to focus and so parents and teens should discuss what works and be willing to give it a try. Parents can intermittently monitor the study environment to ensure that it achieves the desired result of helping your teen to focus. If music, digital or social interactions (including you) become a distraction, it is in your teens best study interests to try a different approach.

Set SMART goals

Goal setting is a simple and highly effective life skill that will help students focus their effort, track their progress and build confidence in their ability to achieve whatever they set their mind to. As parents, you can work with your children and teens to help them articulate SMART goals:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-Bound

Creating goals create a roadmap towards what your child is trying to achieve and converts wishful thinking into a course of action.

For instance, if your teen says that they want to “pass math this year” you can help them define a SMART goal to achieve this outcome, along the lines of… “I want to achieve a C+ Grade in Math in the mid-term exam by studying math for 20 minutes every day.”

Time management and planning ahead

The secret to successful time management as a senior student is beginning to practice and develop good study habits from a young. By understanding what study behaviours work and don’t work for your child, you can ensure that by the time they are in High School, they are more familiar with the study environment and behaviours that encourage them to be the most productive.

For students new to planning this may begin with simply making a list. Parents can help prioritise tasks either in order of deadline or where task priorities compete (or are not evident) start with the tougher subjects first because it is human nature to want to avoid the tasks, we find more difficult.

A planned approach to any workload will help people progress and overcome challenges and subsequently reduce any psychological stress associated with difficult subjects. Encourage students to start working through the plan well ahead of the deadline, as the best-made plans go out the window once they run out of time to achieve them.   

Create and practice routine

Help your teens estimate and then schedule the time needed to complete their planned study. Scheduling time each day during the school week will help. Consider the size of assignments and once a task is estimated to take an hour or more it is a good idea to break the project down into several smaller chunks.

A growing body of research supports the idea that 20 minutes is about the optimum length of time that we can continue to absorb new information, so schedule work in 20 minutes blocks and encourage students to take a “brain break” – drink some water, stretch, get some fresh air and relax –  for five minutes before returning to study.

Creating a routine and sticking with it helps to develop the discipline required to take on and work through challenges and is both a study and life skill. Once your child has established a working pattern, help them maintain it. Routine builds confidence and improves overall results.

Balance is Key

Completing study and working all the time is not part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. It is really important that students have time to relax with their family and friends and do the stuff that they love. Schoolwork should be intertwined with hobbies, sport and fun to ensure that our children’s physical and mental health is looked after. Sometimes parents will need to encourage their kids to study more, however, you may also find that you need to encourage your kids to go outside with the dog, finish that painting they started last week or take a break on the piano for 20 minutes to provide that well-needed break from study. Let them know that their health takes priority over study. Being healthy includes: –

  • Sleep, lack of quality sleep is known to impede cognitive function.
  • Staying hydrated, lack of water is known to impede cognitive function.
  • Eating well, making nutritious food choices.
  • Exercise is known to support cognitive function.
  • Take time to relax.

How much homework should my child be doing?

As parents, a solid understanding of what is required by your school will help ensure you set realistic expectations of your children and/or teens. A general rule of thumb is that children do 10 minutes of homework for each grade level. 

Kindergarten students are not expected to complete formal homework.

In Years 1 and 2, some formal homework may be set such as reading and writing, spelling and mathematics, approximately 10 minutes per subject.

In Years 3 – 6, homework may be varied. There is still no conclusive evidence that homework provides learning benefits for kindergarten and primary school children so remember that Albert Einstein said, “Play is the highest form of research”. At this age, simply helping them to establish a routine will begin to develop the self-discipline required of independent learners.

The volume of your child’s homework can be expected to increase from Year 7. Homework for Years 7 and 8 may be set across the curriculum to include tasks that require investigation and preparation for examinations and assignments. At this age, formalising a routine of 60 – 80 minutes will further strengthen their ability as independent learners.

For secondary and especially senior students research evidence shows that homework can help students learn. Homework for Years 9 and 10 can include practice that builds upon learning in class, assignments, and preparing for assessment tasks and exam study. By now students could realistically study more than one subject across 90 minutes or more.

By years 11 and 12 students are expected to complete homework independently, across all subjects, varying according to individual learning needs. Senior students will be expected to prepare for school assessment tasks and study for exams and may spend more than two hours a day studying multiple subjects.  Any time management skills and study routines that you have helped them to develop during the earlier years will pay dividends for them now.

Extra support

Teaching your children and keeping them on top of their school work is no easy task, so don’t be afraid to seek assistance from professionals. Tutoring centres, such as Maths Words not Squiggles, specialise in helping students understand their homework, manage their time effectively and develop good study habits that encourage them to achieve their academic goals while enjoying the process.




Nearest Tutoring Centre: Unit 1/698 Pittwater Rd, Brookvale NSW 2100

Budding Brains Learning was co-founded by Primary School Teachers and Northern Beaches mums, Alexandra Pickering and Raema Martyres. Budding Brains Learning officially launched its range of learning boxes for preschoolers earlier this year to assist success and readiness for starting school. Each box targets a different concept, boosting fine motor skills through an abundance of hands-on activities.

Each box covers a different concept and includes:

  • A handcrafted timber ‘Brain Board’ manufactured by a local Australian design company, and made from recycled timber and coloured using non-toxic organic dyes.
  • An abundance of engaging activities to keep your preschooler busy for hours, whilst developing the Whole Child to balance all areas of development.   
  • A booklet with clear, specific instructions, handy teaching tips and background information supported by research, warm-up and extension activities.
  • ‘I am a little Budding Brain’ certificate to celebrate your child’s success.

The full range of learning boxes is available through their online shop at Follow Budding Brains Learning on Instagram and Facebook. New boxes are soon to be added to the collection.

Budding Brains Learning would love to offer fellow Northern Beaches Mums 10% off. Please use the discount code NBM10

For more information contact

When it comes to choosing a primary school for your children to go to, there are a number of different factors that you need to consider. More than just the location and how they will get to and from school. When choosing a school, you need to remember that your children will be attending the school for a number of years, it needs to be an environment that they are comfortable in and that gives them the necessary tools and skills that they need to further themselves. Two of the most important things you need to ask yourself when choosing a school are whether it is going to be an environment where your child will be happy and will you be confident with the learning and education that your child will receive during their time there.

Happy. Confident. Content.

One of the most important things that you need to consider when choosing a school for your child is whether it is going to help to grow them into happy and confident children. Schooling can be scary at first, when a child first starts school, with people they don’t know it can cause them to be shy and withdrawn. That is why it is important to find a school that will help to bring them out of their shell, to make them feel comfortable and to grow their confidence.

There are a number of factors that can assist your child in gaining confidence and being happy in their school environment. These include the social side of schooling; are the classes well-sized and age-appropriate? On the educational side; are the children learning in a way that excites them and makes them want to learn more? The staff and environment; are the teachers supportive of the children? Do they have the necessary resources and environment around them to learn, play and grow?

Your child is going to be at the school for a number of years, so making the decision early can be stressful, but the right decision will see them grow, be happy and build their confidence to a new level.

Confidence in the learning

The social side of schooling is important to help your child grow and build their confidence, but the educational side is crucial. When looking for a school for your children to attend it is important to have a look at the teaching style and the curriculum that the school follows. Along with the values and mission of the school. There are many different styles of teaching and they work differently for different children. Using play-based learning in the younger years, role play and hands-on can make a huge difference to the way your child learns and retains information.

Understanding the style of teaching, the types of things the school will educate your child in and the approach that they take with each and every child can help you to confidently choose the best school for your children.

Being confident that your child will be able to learn and gain their full education from the school is one of the main factors you need to consider before enrolling your child into a school.

Take the time to meet with the school, talk to them about their teaching techniques and ask any questions that are lingering in your mind. This can help to relieve the stress that you may have around choosing a school and help you to make the best decision for your child.

Not all schools use the same approach

When it comes to schooling, there are certain rules and regulations that schools must follow from the Education Department, however, they can choose different ways to deliver the information and to teach the children. That is why it is important to talk to the school and find out their approach. Is it going to be a good fit for your child? Will your child excel with the school? Will they bring the best out in your child?

John Colet offers a range of different approaches to schooling. We understand that not all children learn in the same way and we want to ensure that we are reaching each and every child to bring out the best in them. We use various techniques to grow and develop your child’s skills and education.

To find out more, book a visit with the school –