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‘New Year, New You’ Guide 2024

The new year begins with the promise of a new beginning and a fresh start. And as everyone knows, making resolutions is easy, it is sticking with them that is the hard part.

We have partnered with various businesses that will help you to reach your goals in 2024.

Zippy Financial

Achieve your mortgage aspirations in the upcoming year with Zippy Financial by your side! Whether you’re aiming to navigate increasing mortgage repayments more effectively, secure a new home, or make a property investment, they are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way.

Reach out today and tap into a vast network of lenders and their in-depth knowledge of the mortgage market. Whether it’s identifying the most advantageous interest rates or expertly managing paperwork and negotiations, Zippy Financial is committed to streamlining the mortgage process for you. Their goal is to empower you with the information needed to make informed decisions, ensuring you find a mortgage that effortlessly aligns with your specific needs and goals. 

Phone: 1300 855 022
Facebook: Zippy Financial
Instagram: zippyfinancial
Linkedin: Zippy Financial

MUM CFOs of the Household

Make Financial Literacy a priority in 2024! Enrol in the MUM CFOs Money Masterclass now and secure a remarkable 90% discount using your special Northern Beaches Mums code.

Whether your goal is to enhance cash flow, refine budgeting skills, dissolve debt, master the nuances of mortgages and property acquisition, or navigate the complexities of financial and estate planning, this comprehensive course is your guide to success. Immerse yourself in wisdom from seasoned finance experts, providing you with invaluable knowledge for your financial journey. Simply use the code NBMS90 at checkout to unlock this time-limited offer. Seize this opportunity to gain invaluable insights that will shape your financial future!

Facebook: MUM CFOs of the household
Instagram: mumcfos
Linkedin: MUM CFOs – Chief Financial Officers of the Household

M de Mestre Lawyers

Many individuals desire a fresh start at the beginning of a new year, and M de Mestre Lawyers aligns with this sentiment. January presents an opportune moment to either revisit or initiate one’s Will and estate plan, ensuring alignment with personal goals and accurate representation of wishes to secure the well-being of loved ones – considering the considerable changes that can occur within a year.

A comprehensive estate plan should revolve around the individual and their most significant priorities.

M de Mestre Lawyers stands ready to assist with estate planning necessities, whether through an assessment of an existing plan or the creation of a new one tailored to specific needs. Those interested are encouraged to contact M de Mestre Lawyers today for a discussion on establishing or revising their estate plan.

Phone: 0401 513 190 – Mary-Ann
Facebook: M de Mestre Lawyers
Instagram: mdemestre_lawyers

Voyager Tennis

Achieve your fitness goals and master tennis skills at Voyager Tennis! Join the Summer of Tennis excitement with invigorating group cardio tennis sessions or learn to play tennis in professionally-led group tennis coaching.

Cardio Tennis is a dynamic, sociable group fitness class led by certified coaches and accompanied by music. It’s a fast-paced, interval training cardio workout that allows you to hit plenty of tennis balls, burning between 400-800 calories per hour. This program, designed for adults, is available across Voyager venues in Sydney including Seaforth and Narraweena. It’s the perfect way to kickstart your fitness journey for the New Year and serves as an excellent introduction to tennis.

Embrace the energy of the court, meet like-minded enthusiasts, and make 2024 your year for fitness, fun, and tennis success! Start by booking a free trial online now! 

Phone: 1300 870 286
Facebook: Voyager Tennis Academy 
Instagram: voyagertennis

Beaches Pelvic Physio

In the new year, individuals might consider focusing on self-care amidst the bustling routine of daily life. Perhaps it’s time to address personal needs amid the chaos of a hectic household.

Some might have endured issues such as bladder or bowel leakage, discomfort, urgency, or unusual sensations in certain areas. They might have avoided physical activity due to these symptoms or a lack of confidence in their body. There could be a feeling that things aren’t the same physically, whether it’s discomfort during intercourse, changes in the abdominal wall, or struggles during pregnancy with unrelieved back, pelvic, or hip symptoms.

These are common challenges faced by many mothers.

The encouraging news is that there’s no need to endure these issues. At Beaches Pelvic Physio, the focus lies on identifying the root causes behind these challenges and devising a personalized and time-efficient plan to address them. There’s extensive assistance available for these concerns, and there’s no need to endure them needlessly. Feel free to reach out for further information or guidance—there are no awkward questions in this space.

Beaches Pelvic Physio look forward to meeting you!

Phone: 8964 5579
Facebook: Beaches Pelvic Physio 
Linkedin: Beaches Pelvic Physio
YouTube: Beaches Pelvic Physio

Yogi Spirit

The beginning of the new year is an exciting time. You may be setting intentions that focus on how you want to feel and the values you want to live by. For the ‘new year, new you’ plan that is filled with possibility and hope, you might be looking for renewed well-being. Yogi Spirit stock products and brands made especially for your wellness journey including botanical blends that bridge ancient remedies with modern science and have a positive impact on your mind and body. With powerful ingredients like lion’s mane, gotu kola and ashwagandha, just to name a few, these blends are expertly crafted to support emotional and mental wellness and provide support for a happier and more focused year ahead. 

Phone: 0450 157 603 – Amanda
Facebook: Yogi Spirit 
Instagram: yogispirit_store

Project Performing Arts


Students are able to attend individual days or attend the full  3 day program.

Tuesday 23rd January 
DANCE / ACROBATICS / SILKS & LYRA: A fantastic dance workshop for students who want to extend their training in technique, flexibility, kicks, turns and tricking and tumbling. 

Wednesday 24th January 
DRAMA: Stage fighting, characterisations, scripts and play. A wonderful workshop for students to expand their confidence, collaboration, creativity and co-operation though acting. 

Thursday 25th January
MUSICAL THEATRE/CIRQUE: A fabulous workshop for students to enjoy learning songs, choreography and portraying characters from film and theatre and exploring all aspects of Circus. Juggling, Unicycles, Tumbling.


Phone: 0402 726 676 – Alexandra
Facebook: Project Performing Arts 
Instagram: project.performingarts
Location: 24/14 Jubilee Avenue, Warriewood

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