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Make a difference in a child’s life

Every child deserves to have a safe and happy home. But a sad side-effect of this pandemic is the growing rate of domestic stress across our nation… making already vulnerable children even more vulnerable to extreme neglect and child abuse. That’s why the need for foster carers is on the rise.  

From October to December 2021 Anglicare Sydney received 385 referrals for children needing short term care. 41% of children needing carers were aged between 6 to 12 and 20% were in their teens. Many of these children will also need long-term carers. Every month a significant number of these children do not find a place in a safe home because Anglicare Sydney has too few trained and available foster carers.


Imagine…. you are a 7 year old boy named David and there is so much you want to learn, so many questions you want to ask. You love riding a bike, jumping on the trampoline, swimming and exploring the garden. And you would love to belong to a family. Your parents can’t look after you and you’ve been cared for by several families. Adults aren’t always reliable, kids tease you, you struggle to concentrate and learn at school. And you have big feelings that overtake you sometimes. 

Could you provide David with a safe, nurturing and constant family environment? Help turn his life around?

Urgent foster care is needed for David


Have you ever thought about foster care – opening your home to children who are not able to safely live with their own families? Melanie is an 11 ½ year old young girl who is playful, curious and loves riding her bike, skateboard or even her pogo stick! 

Melanie needs the support of safe loving adults who will work alongside her support team to help her grow and develop. 

With a dedicated foster care manager and team leader to support you along the foster carer journey please reach out if you think you can be a positive change in Melanie’s life.

Urgent foster care is needed for Melanie

Children come into Foster care for many different reasons… but every single one of them needs to know that they are cared for. And that’s something that you can make possible when you provide a stable and loving home. 

What makes a good foster carer? Find out here.

Interested in becoming a foster carer but want to learn and find out more? Our information sessions are an opportunity to find out what’s involved in becoming a foster carer, learn more about the process, and ask our team any questions you might have.

For more information on foster care, click here.

VIDEO: A kid like me needs someone like you.