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Innovate your springtime menu with HelloFresh’s limited edition burger collection

How can you make classic meals fun and filling for the entire family this spring?

From burgers to the humble sausage sizzle, spring brings with it a season full of delicious and simple eats that can be enjoyed at a picnic, in the garden or in front of the TV watching your favourite sports matches. 

In fact, Google searches for ‘homemade burger recipes’ reached fever pitch in July 2023*. From gourmet burgers to smashed patties, this past year has seen a rise of the dish reinvented and reworked to appeal to a variety of food trends without losing its family favourite appeal. 

To offer new inspiration for classic spring foods, HelloFresh is launching an innovative limited edition burger collection that delivers a series of international twists to the humble burger. As Aussies gather together to enjoy the sunshine, they can serve up delicious, crowd-pleasing burgers from the comfort of their own homes. 

A handful of the burgers available include:

  1. English Pork Breakfast Burger [available w/c 11 September]

Blend classic American cuisine with a touch of English flair with the English Pork Breakfast Burger.

Adding an egg to your burgers can be a fun topping for the family to enjoy, while also adding great additional protein to help keep you fuelled for hours.

  1. South African-Style Pork Burger & Fries [available w/c 18 September]

For families that love a kick to their meals, adding a spicy sauce or herb blend can elevate the dish to new levels.

HelloFresh’s South African-style pork burger includes a spicy volcano sauce to add a hint of heat to this takeaway favourite.

  1. Argentinian Chimichurri Chicken Burger [available w/c 25 September]

If your family always argues over which cuisine they want to eat that night, why not introduce different international flavours to your burger? 

HelloFresh opts to add chimichurri, an Argentinian herb sauce, to its chicken burger to blend the heartiness of the burger with bright, light flavouring perfect for the warmer days to come in spring.

Head to to find some more burger inspiration, or to try the limited edition collection for yourself!