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Holidays made simpler? with the right nappy

For parents of youngsters planning their end of year holidays, there is one very simple way to make the journey more comfortable for the whole family. Whether you are embarking on a long driving trip or taking off by plane, what is in your nappy change bag will be crucial.

BabyLove?s number one tip for parents this holiday season is to include easy to change Nappy Pants in your travel bag.? The all in one nappy has a soft and stretchy waist, so it can be easily pulled on and off for a fast change.

?One of the things parents most love about our Nappy Pants is that they can change their child anywhere, anytime. They no longer need to go in search of a nappy change table at a busy airport or highway service station, because children can be changed quickly and even whilst they are standing up.? There are also easy to tear side seams, enabling a faster changeover,??says BabyLove?s Debra Smith.

Parents can also rest assured that their babies and toddlers are comfortable, with a 360-degree stretchy waistband providing them with greater movement and flexibility, and a highly absorbent DriWave?layer that draws liquid away from the nappy surface keeping children feeling dryer for longer.

?Changing Nappies? was listed as the second greatest challenge for parents in a travel survey undertaken by BabyLove Nappies this year involving more than 1,000 parents. The only issue parents cited as more challenging when travelling with children was: ‘boredom/keeping child entertained/occupied?. Yet, despite the challenges, many parents will be hitting the road this holiday season with the BabyLove Survey revealing four in every five parents (79%) answering ?Yes? they will be considering traveling in the future with their kids.

Reasons to love Nappy Pants:

  • No tabs!
  • 360-degree soft and stretchy waistband
  • Easy-to-tear side seams for fast removal
  • DriWaveTM?technology that?absorbs moisture instantly and draws liquid away from the nappy surface.
  • Available in 4 sizes from 7kg to 25kg.
  • Easy to find sizes with contemporary designs – Wriggler Bear 7-11kg, Cheeky Monkey Toddler 9-14kg, Wild Ones? Zebra for Walkers 12-17kg, and Roaring Lion Junior 15-25kg.


About BabyLove?

Watching a child grow is an important and joyful time for any parent. BabyLove strives to continuously develop outstanding baby products that help parents and their baby on this exciting journey. BabyLove nappies are designed to help children stay comfy and happy. BabyLove Cosifit? features Australian first patented technology to help protect baby?s delicate skin from red marks. The range of ultra-soft and absorbent nappies also includes Premmie, Nappy Pants, SleepyNights Pants and Baby Wipes.