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Spiritual Alignments with Jason and Shelley

Take the time for a full-length spiritual alignment on the massage table at Diana Belot’s beautiful space while they’re on the northern beaches of Sydney.

Spiritual alignments are a golden opportunity to deeply relax, release trauma from your cells, deal with some physical aches and pains, and allow your spirit to soar.

You will receive sound healing to lift and shift humbug out of the etheric field, and take part in guided visualisations which ground and connect you deeply into the planet, and into your core.

What they provide is referred to as a ‘spiritual alignment’ because you feel so much more aligned and connected to your own source/spirit/soul afterwards.

They have sessions for adults and kids.

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Bookings for kids:…/spiritual-alignment…/

About Jason Engelbrecht
Jason is a Kurradji—an Indigenous Australian spiritual conduit (of mixed genealogy) with heightened psychic abilities, and the gift of shifting ailments on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. Traditionally, the Kurradji played a fundamental role in ceremony and was a revered member of the community.

Jason conduits healers and true custodians in the spiritual hierarchy who are 100% aligned with the light, so during a session you’re receiving a lot of voltage. He also creates a crystal grid below the massage table, consisting of crystal orgones for each chakra, smokey quartz in the shape of a star ancestor, and other crystals as he feels is necessary.

During the session, Jason works with crystals, feathers, a rattle and other sound healing techniques designed to lift and shift from your energy field, whatever is of a non-beneficial nature. It is said that the transmission of light that Jason conduits is 1,000 times greater than reiki.

Jason’s life experiences allow him to relate to people who have experienced abuse in all forms. The trauma he faced, gives him the capacity to relate to his clients.

About Shelley McConaghy
Shelley knew she was here on a mission at a very young age. Asked what she wanted to do when she grew up, she would respond with ‘save the dolphins and the whales’. Understanding that there was way more to life on earth than what we can see with our physical eyes, Shelley went on to study crystal healing, polarity therapy, Usui Reiki, and working with the Akashic Records.

During an in-person healing with Shelley, you will have crystals placed on your body and in your hands, receive the gentle and nurturing touch of Divine Mother, be guided to release from your energy field what’s no longer serving you, and to direct love and compassion to the parts of yourself that might be feeling neglected.

The shifts that are possible in one session still astound her, and Shelley is dedicated to bringing her clients value for money. If it can be dealt with in one session, fantastic. If it’s something that requires a layered approach, she’ll let you know.

What Shelley brings to the table is deeply-felt empathy and understanding for survivors of all forms of abuse, including sexual, mental and emotional, and the complexities that arise in our psyche in the aftermath

Location: Level 2, 339 Condamine Street, Manly


Jan 28 2023


9:00 am - 6:00 pm


$95 (kids) - $185 (adults)

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