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Long Reef Clean Up with Northern Beaches Clean Up Crew

In the spirit of the New Year, individuals are presented with fresh opportunities to contribute to their local community, forge connections with amiable individuals of various ages and backgrounds, and make a positive impact concurrently. The community extends a warm invitation to join them for a family-friendly clean-up event at Long Reef.

The meeting point is in proximity to the Long Reef Surf Life Saving Club, with precise directions available via GPS for those arriving by car. Essential cleanup materials such as gloves, bags, buckets, and grabbers will be provided. The primary objective is to diligently clear plastic and debris before it reaches the ocean. Participants may choose to focus on the bush area, sandy/rocky sections, or even venture into the water for cleanup (at their own risk).

The cleanup activities are scheduled until approximately 12:00pm. Following the cleanup, participants will gather for a group photo, bag the collected rubbish, and then proceed to enjoy a communal lunch (at individual expense).

No prior reservations are necessary; interested individuals can simply show up on the designated day. Regardless of the weather conditions, the friendly and inclusive group will be present. All are welcome to partake in this family-friendly event, fostering a sense of community, making new acquaintances, and contributing positively to the environment.

To ensure a welcoming atmosphere for everyone, participants are kindly requested to refrain from displaying political and religious messages, including on attire such as campaign-themed T-shirts. Additionally, the distribution of flyers during the event is not permitted.

A Council car park is available, but attendees are advised to explore nearby streets in case of full capacity or to consider utilising public transportation. In the event of confusion, lost attendees can reach out via social media or email.

This inclusive gathering extends a warm invitation to all, emphasizing the more, the merrier. Attendees are encouraged to invite friends and family to partake in this meaningful community initiative.


Jan 28 2024


We start on time
10:00 am - 12:30 pm

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Close to Long Reef Surf Life Saving Club


Close to Long Reef Surf Life Saving Club


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